Drums Premiere

Rockschool Drums Premiere is the ideal starting point if you've just picked up the sticks for the first time. Learn the fundamentals of drumming in our easy-­to-­use Let's Rock books, then perform five of them in a quick 10­ minute exam.

Exam time

Grade Exam: 10 minutes (approx.)
Performance Certificate: 10 minutes (approx.)

Key Features at: Premiere

  • The basics of music notation and your instrument
  • Rock, pop, metal, country, indie and hip hop
  • Simple phrases, beats and fills

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Let's Rock Drums has everything you need to know to get started playing the drums like a pro. With over 100 audio tracks, quick-start videos and 12 lessons in six different styles, you'll start learning key skills straight away.


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Exam Structure

5 Performance Pieces only
(three of these can be Free Choice Pieces)
These account for 20% of the exam mark each.

Performance Pieces

The Premiere exam lasts 10 minutes, during which you will play five Performance Pieces. There is a choice of six pieces in Let's Rock Drums and an additional three ensemble pieces at the back of the book. Candidates should choose five out of these nine pieces to play in the examination.

Exam Information

Unlike the later Grade exams, there are no Technical Exercises, Sight Reading, Ear Tests or General Musicianship Questions for the Premiere exam, and there are no Free Choice pieces for this level.

All Performance Pieces are to be played as written. There are no requirements for improvisation.

Each Performance Piece is marked out of 20.

The grading for this exam will be ‘Pass’ or ‘Unclassified’ and the minimum pass mark for each piece is 12.

On passing a Rockschool Premiere award, candidates will earn a Performance Certificate.

Assessment Criteria


12-20 marks
- Secure basic techniques overall
- Secure sense of rhythm
- Secure pulse overall
- Notational accuracy mostly observed
- Sync and continuity held
- Generally confident performance

1-11 marks
- Insecure basic techniques
- Rhythm mostly inaccurate with a lack of fluency
- Pulse not evident
- Consistent notational inaccuracy
- Insecure sync and continuity
- Uncertain performance
- Some parts incomplete/omitted

0 marks
“0” will be awarded with no attempt made

Drums Syllabus

Get a copy of the Entry Level 2 (Premiere) syllabus:

Drums Syllabus (92KB, .pdf)

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01 May 20 - 31 July 20

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