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Here at RSL Awards, we’re doing everything we can to ensure students get rewarded for all their hard work by providing safe environments for them to take their Rockschool graded music exams.

Rockschool’s face-to-face graded music exams continue to go ahead as planned. The safety of our candidates, examiners and centre partners is paramount and as we move into a post-lockdown environment, we will be retaining this guidance in the form of recommendations. Please note: as of 30 November 2021 face coverings in graded music exams will once again become mandatory.

We encourage and expect all candidates, teachers, examiners, and others attending examination venues to continue to adhere to these guidelines whenever practical and feasible, and also to respect the wishes of others regarding social contact and distancing.

Please note: guidance and documentation will be revised or updated as necessary in light of Government and Public Health England guidelines.This advice refers to all GME exams, including face-to-face, video submission, and live video exams. For exams where the examiner is not present, the advice should be adapted accordingly.

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COVID-19: Protocols For Candidates

Arrival and Departure from the Examination Venue

  • In order to control numbers of people in venues, candidates and those accompanying them should arrive at the venue no more than 10 minutes before the exam start time
  • You may be asked to wait outside to avoid congestion in the venue
  • Try to avoid public transport when traveling to and from the venue
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided
  • Candidates and those accompanying them will have to leave the venue immediately after the exam has finished

Graded Music Exam Guidance

Rockschool GME centre information

RSL Awards are aiming to run exams at our centres across the UK and Ireland as normal, though in the current climate, some venues may be amending their availability and opening hours. Please see our list of centres here to check availability.

Should your local centre not be available to run exams, then please contact us and one of our team will be able to discuss an alternative –

Inside the Examination Venue

  • There will be cleaning during the day (using disinfectant spray/wipes etc.) of frequently touched surfaces in the exam room, warm-up room, toilets, other public areas etc.
  • 2 metre distancing between all persons outside of your own household to be observed at all times, using floor markings in key areas
  • There will be no waiting area inside the venue. Candidates will be admitted once the warm-up room or examination room is available
  • Only one candidate will be allowed in the warm-up room at a time. Depending on the size/layout of the venue, use of warm-up rooms may become unfeasible in some cases
  • Parents and other accompanying candidates should wait outside the venue whilst the examination is underway
  • Facemasks should be worn in communal areas (corridors, bathrooms, etc)

Graded Music Exam Guidance

During the Exam

  • At the start of the exam, the examiner will informally ask candidates if they have any symptoms. If a candidate declares any symptoms, the exam will be suspended
  • 2 metre distancing between examiner and candidate to be observed at all times using floor markings in the examination room
  • The examiner will wear a protective visor. Candidates may wear a facemask if they wish
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for candidates in the examination room
  • If the candidate needs help with set-up the examiner will ask the candidate to move aside, will adjust equipment and candidate will move back to position
  • The candidate may bring a member of their own household into the exam room to help set up
  • Perspex dividing screens (to divide examiner from candidate) may be used if available
  • Microphones will not be provided for vocals candidates. They should bring their own microphone if needed, or may elect to perform without a mic at Grades 6-8 without penalty. Vocalists will be asked perform at right angles to the examiner, facing away
  • For Free Choice Pieces with backing tracks, the candidate must provide a separate playable device rather than a USB or CD
  • For Sight-reading/Improvisation and Interpretation/Quick Study Pieces the examiner will ask the candidate to move 2 metres away from the music stand, go and place the music on the stand, return to the desk, and ask the candidate to move back. The procedure will be repeated in reverse when collecting the music. The candidate should take care not to touch the music
  • Examiners will either conduct the General Musicianship Questions from the desk with reference to bar numbers in pieces, or will set up a music stand 2 metres away from the candidate
  • Grades 6-8 candidates to bring photocopy of ID and leave on music stand for examiner to pick up at the end of exam after they leave. Originals of ID should be shown at a distance

Graded Music Exam Guidance

If Someone Feels Unwell

  • If the candidate or a member of their household has visible symptoms (eg. cough, temperature) before the examination starts, do not attend the examination. The exam will be rescheduled
  • If the candidate develops visible symptoms (eg. cough, temperature) during the exam and/or feels uncomfortable continuing, the exam will be immediately suspended
  • If the examiner or steward develops symptoms (eg. cough, temperature) while at the venue, all exams on the day will be suspended and candidates will be contacted to reschedule the session

Graded Music Exam Guidance

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