Please note: dates are subject to change. Please ensure you check back prior to entry to avoid entering for the incorrect exam period.

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Graded Music Exams

TermExam PeriodClosing Date
A 202115th February to 31st March 202131st January 2021
B 20211st May to 31st July 202111th April 2021
C 20201st November to 18th December 202030th October

December Classical Piano Exam Session

In order to ensure that as many candidates as possible are able to achieve their qualifications in 2020 we have arranged for a special world-wide examining session between the 4th-20th December, where candidates can be examined either face to face, live streamed, or pre-recorded video submission. Click here to find out more!

Music Production

TermMusic Production Exam PeriodMusic Production Closing Date
A1st March – 21st March 202020th February 2020
B1st July – 30th July 2020*14th June 2020* (Please see note above. Dates subject to change)
C1st December – 18th December 202020th November 2020

Popular Music Theory

TermMusic Theory Exam DateMusic Theory Closing Date
A21st March 202017th February 2020
B1st July - 31st July 202014th June 2020* (Please see note above. Dates subject to change)
CDecember 20209th November 2020

Please note: late applications may incur a £15.00/€15.00 administration fee and we are unable to accept entry forms or confirm exam dates by email.



The fees are separate for Graded Music Exam Band Exams and non-Band Exams so please see the respective table for the appropriate fees.

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Please note that the fees below are effective from January 1st 2020.

Graded Music Exams

Grade 1£48.00
Grade 2£53.00
Grade 3£60.00
Grade 4£67.00
Grade 5£74.00
Grade 6£82.00
Grade 7£90.00
Grade 8£99.00

Music Production & Music Theory

GradeMusic ProductionPopular Music Theory
Grade 1£45£28
Grade 2£50£30.00
Grade 3£59£34
Grade 4£65£36
Grade 5£69£39
Grade 6£77£43
Grade 7£85£47
Grade 8£96£52

Band Exams

Band exams are only offered at Grades 3, 5 and 8 for Graded Music Exams. Please note that the prices listed below are per candidate.

GradeGraded Music Exam
Grade 3£30.00
Grade 5£38.00
Grade 8£46.00

These fees relate to UK exams only. For all information relating to international examinations please click here.

Date change & Deferral Fees

As detailed in our UK Graded Music Exams Date Change & Deferral policy, changing a confirmed exam date/time or deferring to a future exams period incurs fees as below:

FeeApplicable When...Amount
Date change feeChanging exam date/time after appointment slip has been issued£15
Deferral feeDeferring exam to future exam period50% of exam fee