Rockschool Band Exams

Rockschool Band Exams

Rockschool band exams are a great way of showing off your band’s musical skills, and receiving some targeted and developmental feedback from one of our examiners on how well you’re playing and what you could do better.

Band Exams are available for guitarists, bassists, drummers and pianists.

PLEASE NOTE: The Rockschool Band Exams are no longer available to new learners and have been replaced by the new ‘Group Performance’ qualifications. If you have already begun your study on the Rockschool Band Exams then it will still be possible to register onto and take the examination up until the end of December 2023, at which point the qualifications will be officially withdrawn.


What is a Band Exam?

The exam is in the form of a Performance Certificate which means you need to play five songs. The maximum length of the programme will vary depending on grade:

Timings include set-up, transitions between songs, and clearing away your equipment afterwards.

Fees per candidate are shown on the Dates and Fees page.

Set Up

Bands should consist of between two and four players, with a minimum of two players being assessed.

Eligible instruments are Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano. Any other instrument may participate but will not be assessed. A maximum of two non-assessed players may participate.

You can’t have two of the same instruments being assessed (eg. if you have two guitarists, only one of them can be assessed).

Please check directly with the exam venue before the exam that they can accommodate your band in terms of size of room, equipment, power sockets etc. RSL cannot guarantee that every exam venue will be able to accommodate all set-ups.

What You Need To Play

You should play at least three songs from the current Rockschool syllabuses (for Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums), and up to two songs of your own choice (‘free choice pieces’).

Eligible Rockschool songs are those where the same piece exists in the different instrumental grade books, at the same grade. (Piano arrangements will be found in the Piano 2015 syllabus).

Sheet Music

You must provide sheet music for each free choice piece you play. Although you are not expected to provide a fully notated arrangement, this should be as detailed as possible, eg. a chord / lead sheet / vocal / single instrument score with annotations. If you don’t provide sheet music, this may affect the marks awarded.

Marking & Reporting

Each assessed performer will receive a report with marks and feedback.

You will receive a mark for each song out of 20, and a total mark out of 100. Songs will be assessed according to our standard assessment criteria:

Get In Touch

If you have any further questions please get in touch via the ‘Contact us’ page on our website!

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