You Me at Six Guitarist, Max Helyer, recently joined us for a conversation to explore his personal account of how he used Rockschool’s guitar books to expand his playing early on, before joining what would become one of the world’s biggest rock/pop groups for the 2010’s.

You Me at Six’s acclaimed debut album, ‘Take Off Your Colours’, included such hits as ‘Kiss and Tell’ and ‘Save it for the Bedroom’. Six years and three albums later, they found themselves Number 1 on the UK album chart with 2014’s ‘Cavalier Youth’. The band have toured with the likes of Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Thirty Seconds to Mars; selling over 15 million albums worldwide in the process.

“Rockschool gave me a foundation, forced me out of my comfort zone early, and expanded my guitar playing in the process; and I hope the next generation of musicians can be inspired to achieve their own goals based on my own experience.”

After discussing his Rockschool-to-Rockstar story, we were really keen for Max to be involved in our latest project: the re-tune of Rockschool Acoustic Guitar syllabus, due this September. Joining up with the Rockschool session band this summer at Livingston Studios, Max laid down the acoustic parts for his own composition, You Me at Six’s “Take on the World”, which will be of the six new tracks to appear at grade 3.

“When Rockschool approached me with their ideas for a brand-new acoustic guitar syllabus, including their desire to use our [You Me at Six] song “Take on the World’, I instantly remembered being back in college learning my [Rockschool] Grade 4. Fast-forward 10-11 years later and I’m now recording with them after my own band has gone on to release 6, going on 7 albums, and played headline shows to over 20,000 people – it’s pretty amazing how things have turned out. “

Rockschool Acoustic Guitar ALL Grades


Max was also presented with an honorary Rockschool Fellowship Certificate at 2019’s RSL Teacher Conference. These certificates are awarded in recognition of educational and professional excellence.

If, like Max many years ago, you’re currently preparing for your latest guitar exam, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you trust in all the skills and techniques you’ve worked hard to nurture. You’ve got this!