For almost two decades Tom Franklin has utilised Rockschool to help grow his teaching business and get his students into university...

We had a chat with Tom Franklin to find out how Rockschool's Guitar, Drums and Vocals syllabuses are helping student engagement at his teaching practice Pro Music Tuition.

How long have you been using Rockschool, and why has it worked for you?

Pro Music have been using RSL materials since 2000 and the reason we carry on is the flexibility within the books which the pupils love. Taking this month as an example of the continual interest year on year, we’ve had an increase of 50 pupils in July, all starting their RSL grades. It's unbelievable to think, but that takes us up to 1057 pupils per week.

What’s your favourite performance piece to teach, and how does it improve your learners?

Meet Darth Ear – this piece is a great way to explore modes within rock music.

What’s your favourite test to teach, and why is it important for your learners?

I really like the quick study pieces. We start implementing these from an early age to gain confidence within our students and train their ears to play live.

What’s your favourite success story?

A pupil of ours didn't quite achieve the results needed from his A Levels to get into his first choice university. Thankfully the completion of his Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar exam got him the extra UCAS points needed to boost his application and ended up getting him into the University.


What musician(s) inspired you to start playing, and why?

I'd have to say Jeff Beck. He has a very open playing style which I love, and of course RSL recognises these techniques.

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