Peter and the Guitar Teacher Bushey team embrace both group and one-to-one teaching methods – whether in their studio or for home visits – with a firm belief in music's ability to develop self confidence and build long-lasting friendships.

"I genuinely believe group tuition is the best way of learning for the majority of students. I've always been motivated to offer music lessons that are affordable for as many students as possible... "

Can you give us a brief explanation of your teaching business?

Here at Guitar Teacher Bushey, we offer guitar, bass and ukulele lessons in Bushey, Watford and the wider Hertfordshire region. Students have the choice to learn in the comfort of their own homes with one of our tutors (all of whom have a degree in music, a DBS and at least two years teaching experience); take one-to-one lessons with me in our Bushey studio; or take group lessons with other learners of a similar skill level. This is our most popular option, with students really enjoying the experience of both learning and making friends. Whatever they're trying to achieve, we've seen some fantastic results, and it's a much more affordable option as well.

How long have you been using Rockschool, and why has it worked for you?

3 years. I used to use RGT, which I grew up learning myself, but have moved wholly to Rockschool now. The pieces are relevant, varied and well arranged. The backing tracks make practise more enjoyable whilst giving students the feel of playing in a band, hearing harmonies and developing an understanding of composition and arrangement. The exams also create a useful focal point and acts as a strong motivator for practice.

All Smiles: a student enjoys a guitar lesson at GTB

What’s your favourite performance piece to teach, and how does it improve your learners?

'Another Dime'. We’ve taken on a lot of new students recently, so I've had a lot of students take the Rockschool Debut Guitar grade. Not only is this a very popular piece, but it also gives a lot of scope to develop parts through variations, bounce off ideas for call and response, work on power chords and to use as the basis for improvisation.

XYZ Music Academy present a run-through of 'Another Dime' from Rockschool Guitar, Debut

What’s your favourite test to teach, and why is it important for your learners?

I think it has got to be 'Sight Reading'. Improv is naturally more fun, and this is integrated into a lot of lessons already. However, I feel guitarist (myself included) often neglect sight reading – especially in their formative stages – which can really work to the detriment of their development later on. Whilst not necessarily the most fun exercise for most, I do think it’s a vital skill for advancing musicians into the most technical aspects of their chosen instrument.

Team work makes the dream work: Guitar student tackle a new lesson as a group

What’s your favourite learner success story?

There has been so many students over the years who have excelled; but to pick a recent story, a student of mine named Louis received 100% in his debut grade and I was completely blown away!

What musician(s) inspired you to start playing, and why?

My dad. I actually wanted to start playing the sax when I was 7, but the owner of the music shop (coincidentally our neighbour) advised against it as I was at the stage where my front teeth had fallen out. I thought, "dad plays guitar, that’s pretty cool, I guess I’ll try that then!". Since then, I have been inspired by lots of musicians, for a variety of different reasons (mostly in the jazz genre), but there are too many to mention!

Peter takes a group lesson using Rockschool Guitar

Do you have any goals for the future of your teaching business?

We aim to continue expanding and improving our groups. II genuinely believe group tuition is the best way of learning for the majority of students. I've always been motivated to offer music lessons that are affordable for as many students as possible, given that music lessons are becoming increasingly difficult to afford for a lot of families. We will continue to offer even more variety to our students (we recently ran a crash course in singing for beginners) alongside a growing list of supporting resources. Eventually, I imagine we’ll move more online too.

Why would you encourage skilled musicians to start teaching music like yourself?

In my experience, it is highly rewarding to see students develop and it's a creative challenge to come up with new and exciting ways of delivering lesson material. It's vital that teachers are accomplished and experienced musicians before they start teaching, as they are more likely to have a better understanding of the importance and context of different aspects of music education, as well as the developmental journey of their learners. It also serves as an inspiration to students to know that their teacher has applied what they teach. For most musicians, I think that education is the part of their work which is most likely to have the biggest long-term impact on the future of music in our society. We’re not just helping create the next generation of musicians, but also the next generation of listeners and appreciators. Teaching is the best way to help enrich and sustain our music in our communities, and of course, learning music has a whole host of other benefits, such as building confidence and promoting cognitive development - which are worthwhile and rewarding in their own right.

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