Obtaining personal enrichment is the desire of many people, adults and children alike. One way to do this is through graded music exams. Graded music exams are an important way to enable people to get enrichment through music, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that is not over yet.

This post has been guest written by RSL's Indonesian rep, Andy Jobs.

Indonesia, which is still struggling hard to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, is still able to provide opportunities for its students to succeed through music exams. One particular success is Nicholas Patrick Wiranata, an 11 year old student from Jakarta.

The achievements of Nicholas are extraordinary and inspiring for young people all over the world. At the age of 11, Nick completed his grade 8 RSL Classical Piano exam with flying colours. Indeed, all of his piano exams are achieved with Distinction results! Nick has also received a double Rockstar Awards for Piano Grade 5 (99 points out of 100 points – epic!) and Piano Grade 6. He also won the most popular piano award in the Online Piano Competition 2020 that was held by RS Events in Singapore. He is featured for his enchanting performances on the RSL Awards website. ()


Nick's success cannot be separated from his piano teacher, Ms. Jelia Megawati Heru, M. Mus. Edu, a German graduate music educator. In Indonesia, Miss Jelia is a top music educator who has also produced musicians who have won many international awards. Jelia Heru is an Indonesian RSL keynote speaker and music writer who makes all the RSL Awards exam materials for Contemporary Piano, Classical Piano, and Keys in the form of YouTube videos, and has been used several times by Rockschool Asia as webinar material.

The success of a Nicholas Wiranata is a fusion between talent, perseverance, an extraordinary inspiring teacher, and of course the support of parents who are always motivating him. This fusion is the implementation of the education triangle – a relationship between students, parents and teachers. Of course there were many struggles, endless reps, and moments that accompanied Nick's success. However when the education triangle is implemented, all will be resolved. Overall it was a very rewarding experience.

Certainly, at this moment, Ms. Jelia Heru and Nick’s parents deserve to be happy with this success. The video exam that is held by the RSL Awards was an extraordinary leap and solution that opens opportunities for everyone to be enriched even in the worsening COVID-19 pandemic situation. It seems that the entire world should appreciate and follow the efforts of the RSL Awards in organizing graded music exams through digital exams.

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