Our latest edition of Rockschool Stories features a very special student who won a lot of hearts at our inaugural Virtual Festival last year. Read on to learn all about Jane Emelia Veruschka’s story and watch some of her hugely entertaining performances!

The New Normal

Her teacher, Rulli Asifariko, DipRSL, started teaching online long before the pandemic started. Indeed, it was in 2013 when he graduated with his Rockschool diploma. Rulli describes his teaching goals in his own words:

My goal is to teach online to reach people, both young and old in cities spread throughout Indonesia. I see that there are many people who are gifted in music. And by teaching online, of course the time and meeting can be adjusted to the activity of each individual.

Let me introduce you to one of my student. Her name is Jane Emelia Veruschka 11 years old, who lives 182 miles from the city where I live. For 3 years since she was just 8 years old I have taught Jane using Rockschool on several instruments, drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, vocals, and music theory, also piano and keyboard with Mr. Eko Mulyanto as the teacher.

I had a lot of fun experiences while teaching Jane. She is a homeschooled child, and so online lessons are a normal and fun way of learning for her. The results that she has achieved can be seen from the graduation achievements of each exam with very satisfying grades.


Making the grade

Currently Jane has completed a remarkably wide range of qualifications. Under her belt already are *deep breath* Acoustic grade 2, Electric Guitar grade 1, Ukulele grade 3, Drums grade 5, Bass grade 4, Vocals grade 5, Keys grade 5, Piano grade 4 and now she is ready for the vocal and drums grade 6 exams. She’s also won 8 Rockstar Awards certificates. With these successes achieved at such a young age, Jane’s parents have already decided that after she finishes studying the Rockschool syllabus and her school exams, she will pursue music after further study.

Rulli gives his view on online learning:

From my experience teaching Jane, I can conclude that online learning is the most efficient thing now and in the future. The Rockschool Learning Platform is very helpful for the teaching and learning process and is easily understood by students. I highly recommend it to people, especially those around me, to take the Rockschool program and study online because with this, anyone, anytime can study from anywhere and there will never be a limit to study and exams from home.

So there you have it! If you’ve been inspired by Jane’s awesome performances then be sure to check out the requirements for entering this year’s Virtual Festival and submit your video before 3rd August to be in with a chance of featuring!

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