Rockschool’s Popular Music Theory Digital Exams offer unprecedented accessibility for music theory students across the world. We’ve put together some guidance to help prepare candidates for their Rockschool music theory exams.

During your music theory exam, you will be expected to complete some tasks which involve writing notation. These are completed using software called ‘Flat’, which is embedded into the online exam system. Please download the guidance below for instructions on how to access the software and some sample tasks to help you practise prior to your exam day.

Notation Guidance for Digital Rockschool Popular Music Theory Exams

Our digital theory exams combine the much loved Rockschool Popular Music Theory content with a seamless user experience. The content of our theory exams remains academically rigorous and wholly relevant to students looking to compose, arrange, and master the theoretical language that underpins western music.

Whether you are learning a musical instrument and looking for a new way to supplement your study, or you're a teacher looking to develop your students' wider understanding of music, our Popular Music Theory exams are a perfect fit.


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