It seems like only yesterday that many countries across the world were in strict lockdown. However, as restrictions ease and our life gains a sense of normality again, we're delighted to say that face to face Rockschool graded music exams have resumed not only in the UK, but also internationally!

Throughout lockdown our video exams have been readily available worldwide which has been positively received by schools, teachers, and students alike. Now, our exam venues are reopening for business across many countries too so that students can sit their face to face Rockschool exams! Carefully following government guidelines to ensure that your safety is utterly paramount, students have started to sit their face to face exams to ensure that they can continue their musical journey this summer and progress on their instrument.

Outside the UK, we are really pleased to see that Spain have been leading the way with getting students back in exam venues. We recently caught up with two of our Rockschool examiners, Kostka García and Angela Gomes, who are currently welcoming back candidates to the exam room after this long period of time away. We also spoke to Vanessa Blanco from TAF Escuela Oficial de Música Moderna and David Zarandón from DZetta Music Center to hear how their students and venues have been adjusting to the 'new normal' in their Rockschool exams. Don't just take our word for how much of a success these exams have been though - read on to hear their thoughts!

Kostka García, Rockschool Examiner: "It's been great being here again after so many months. There are lots of changes but it's all very good. I can see that lots of people have used the time to rethink how they work, and I think it's really good news going forward.

Vanessa Blanco, TAF Escuela Oficial de Música Moderna: "It's a great honour to be the first school to have exams after the period that's passed with Covid. We're very thankful for this all the people that have made this possible. Step by step we are able to go back to a little bit of normality, which I think we all need."

English version

Angela Gomes, Rockschool Examiner: "I'm very pleased to say to you that all the students are very happy to have music around them. A very huge thank you to Rockschool for the evolution throughout this pandemic era. It's very difficult for us to be away from you!"

David Zarandón, DZetta Music Center: "[This year's exams] have a very special meaning for us as we're the first in the world to offer face to face exams again outside the UK. These exams show the hard work done by the teachers and students completed in these complicated months where we've had to reinvent ourselves."

Spanish version

As you can see, face to face Rockschool exams are back! Students can now capitalise on the months stuck indoors practising and progress to the next grade this summer. Enter for your exam TODAY.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to become proactive in order to keep their customers' needs met, and at RSL Awards we've been no exception, leading the way with a number of innovative new assessment models to help students reach the next step on their musical journey.

Free Choice Pieces

Students can now use pieces from other exam boards, including those in classical genres as Free Choice Pieces in their Rockschool exam. Learn more about our Free Choice Piece extension policy here.

Video Exams

Not ready for a face to face exam just yet? No problem! Our video exams are available worldwide for entry now. Simply enter online and you will have up to three months to submit one continuous recording of you performing your exam. There's never been an easier way to get that next grade under your belt from the comfort of your own home.