Digital exams are here to stay! So many of you enjoyed them when we introduced them back in 2020 that we've decided to keep them around for a while longer yet.

The only question left to answer is: which digital exam should I take? Well, read on to find out how each one works and how you can incorporate them into your workload.

Digital Live Stream graded exam

First up is Digital Live Stream graded exam.

Generally, all you need is a laptop and a separate speaker connected to your device to take your Live Stream graded music exam. Whilst there are minimum requirements per instrument necessary to successfully examine your exam, our aim is to make Live Stream Exams as accessible as possible. You can head to the graded exams section of our website to download the relevant documentation to make sure your set-up meets the exam requirements and watch the videos that walk you through setting up and recording!

The Live Stream Digital Exam format is not bound by any exam entry periods, so candidates can enter for their Live Stream Exam at a time convenient to them. RSL will then designate a date and time for the exam, giving the candidate at least two weeks notice.


Recorded Digital Exam

You also have the option of taking a Recorded Digital Exam.

This format allows you to record and upload all the relevant parts of the exam (e.g. all 5 performance pieces if sitting a Performance Certificate, or 3 performance pieces plus supporting tests and technical exercises if doing a grade exam). Simply enter for your exam and upload your materials up to 3 months after entering and you'll receive personalised feedback from one of our highly-trained examiners. Simple!

You can find additional info on how to upload your recorded digital exam in the video below.

Ultimately, whichever exam you end up taking, you're still making the same amount of progress in your discipline. Both exam formats hold the same weighting as qualifications, both are environmentally-friendly, and both put you in control of your exam experience.

And don't just take our word for it! Check out all the satisfied teachers and students who we've been showcasing over on our social media!

Feeling inspired? Check out our exam entry page and book yours today!