Rockschool Announce World's First Music Production Graded Syllabus

The world's first Music Production Graded Syllabus will be released by RSL in September 2016. The same exam board that introduced the world to graded music exams for contemporary musicians has continued its time-honoured history of innovation by providing a thoroughly expansive syllabus for one of the fastest growing disciplines in contemporary music.

All aspiring producers and engineers will now have a suite of accredited qualifications from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in exactly the same fashion as performance disciplines have had for some 25 years. This groundbreaking new syllabus will introduce students to practical skills, theoretical understanding and aural skills. From grades 6 to 8 students will be able to choose their area of specialism from a choice of Audio Production, Electronic Music Production and Sound to Media and also earn valuable UCAS points for entry to higher education. Additionally, students can choose to undertake their exam using software applications from their choice of Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton or GarageBand. The syllabus will assess in the areas of:
  • PRACTICAL (60%)

          A mixture of highly relevant technical DAW skills, alongside a range of industry-focused tasks in all areas of production

  • THEORY (25%)

         Theoretical understanding, from music production terminology to sound and audio fundamentals

  • AURAL (15%)

         Key listening skills, including a diverse range of production techniques, from stylistic awareness to theory and harmony