Resources to Help You Learn the Ukulele with Rockschool!

The ukulele is not only a fantastic entry point into learning music, but also an instrument that can be mastered and specialised in. Our first fully-accredited suite of ukulele grades and method books takes learners on a journey from complete novice and gradually builds up their technical knowledge and dexterity grade by grade.

We want to go further as part of our commitment to supporting world class music education, so we have created numerous free resources for students, teachers, and enthusiasts alike.

Ukulele resources available:

  • Rockschool Ukulele Method Books
  • Rockschool Ukulele Grade Books
  • Rockschool Ukulele on Replay – the interactive sheet music tool
  • 7 step guide to learning the ukulele
  • Ukulele chord flip book
  • Ukulele chord chart

Learn the Ukulele on Replay!

We understand that learning great tunes is key to keeping musicians motivated, regardless of which instrument they pick up. That’s why the new ukulele syllabus features some of Rockschool’s most exciting repertoire yet.

What better way to access that repertoire than on Replay – Rockschool’s interactive sheet music tool. Replay gives you the ability to jam along with, slow down and loop tricky passages of your favourite Rockschool performance pieces. Finesse your technique when practising with Replay by switching between backing tracks, full performances, and MIDI audio accompaniments.


Ukulele Chord Chart and Flip Book

If you’re studying Rockschool’s ukulele syllabus, teaching the ukulele using Rockschool materials or just an enthusiast looking for ukulele learning tools, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled 12 chords that will give you the ultimate introduction to playing a wealth of songs on the instrument, as well as kickstart your journey towards Rockschool debut & grade 1 Ukulele. We recommend printing these off and either sticking them on your wall or putting in your music bag so you can refer back to these chords whenever and wherever you need them!

Rockschool Ukulele Chord Flipbook

Rockschool Ukulele Chord Chart

Ukulele Chord Chart and Flip Book

7-step guide to learning the ukulele

We’ve consulted some of the best ukulele experts around to create our FREE downloadable 7-step guide to learning the ukulele. Featuring guides and video to help you hold, strum, and pick your ukulele correctly, chord diagrams to get you playing your first few songs, and extended reading once you’ve got the basics nailed down.


Rockschool ukulele 7 step guide

Ukulele Method Books

Start on the right note with the Rockschool Ukulele Method books! Our Method books have been designed for beginners as a fun and interactive introduction to the ukulele, covering the fundamental skills and techniques of playing contemporary music to students who are new to the instrument. Each book has easily digestible topics that can be covered at the reader’s pace with their ukulele teacher.


RSL Teacher Registry

You can find thousands of teachers who teach the Rockschool syllabus on our Teacher Registry, plenty of whom are uke specialists. Take a look and see if there are any in your area who may suit your needs, or if there are some further afield who may be able to do video lessons.


You can find our full suite of ukulele grades on our online shop HERE. Happy playing!

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