It’s safe to say that the landscape for music teaching and learning has been a rocky ride over the past year!

And as we head towards a more familiar version of normality, you might be left wondering how to make that transition back, or perhaps there are some lockdown lessons you want to take forward with you into the world?

There’s one thing we’ll certainly not be leaving behind - the Video Exam.

It has proven so popular during Covid times, but we know the value of this exam format will continue; for increased accessibility, for a tailored approach to your own success, and for a vastly more digital society.

So, after its huge success over the past year, we’re bringing back the beloved Practise with Purpose Diary for 2021, and this time it’s curated especially for the Video Exam. We know that there’s nothing better than a simple diary to keep on top of your practice as you move towards your next graded music exam, so we’ve given it a revamp whilst sticking with functionality as the priority.

Practise with Purpose Diary: Video Exams Edition

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How can I practise with purpose for my Video Exam?

Those of you who have completed a Video Exam in the last year will know that once you’ve submitted your entry to us, you have a 3 month period to send in your final performance for assessment. This diary covers that period, providing you with everything you’ll need to practise with purpose and smash that final submission.

The Practise with Purpose Video Edition will bring you:

  • 12 weeks of dedicated practice diary: document all your successes, your teacher’s comments, and your reflections for the week ahead!
  • Tips to optimise your video recording: from the frame to the volume to the reverb, make sure the practicalities of the video exam don’t get in your way.
  • Practice pointers: maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing, staying positive and listening LOADS will be key to your success!
  • Notes from the examiners: they’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. They watch and examine loads of video exams, so their knowledge is power!

We can’t wait to see the Practise with Purpose Video Edition help you thrive in 2021!