As teachers, we all know that million-dollar question: how on earth can I get my students to practise efficiently? And, of course, we’re not talking an hour in a room with the instrument (though that would be nice!). We’re talking real, productive and efficient practise.

And though our teaching and learning has had to adapt quite a lot over the past year, we certainly don’t need to let go of the dream! It’s just as important that music practise for a video exam is a transformative, productive and efficient as it is for a face-to-face graded music exam.

So, here are our top 4 features for how the Practise with Purpose Diary Video Exam Edition can get the best out of your budding stars!

Practise with Purpose Diary: Video Exams Edition

No Fear!

One thing you certainly want to eliminate is any fear when it comes to your students recording their final submission, and this is something that the Practise with Purpose diary has got covered. It includes an outline of all the top tips for optimising a video recording, including notes on the setup and some essential audio checks they’ll need to make. And why not incorporate these into practise? Your students can avoid any surprises by perfecting the balance of the backing track prior to their performance and practising in the place where they’ll be able to get the lighting of the shot on point. It goes without saying that preparation is key when going into an exam, and the video exam is no different!

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As fundamental as practising will always be, it’s essential that we are able to notice the parts that might not be going so well for us. It’s really easy to skim over those bits, right?! The Practise with Purpose diary has a dedicated area for your students to note down their personal areas for improvement which will really get them thinking about self-assessment. We know that if it’s written there in black and white, it’s much harder to forget! (You’re welcome.)

The Winning Combo!

But what’s the real winning combination in exam practise? Well, we’ve covered self-reflection, but when this is combined with the comments from a teacher, your pupils can feel pretty confident that they’re covering all bases. With the “Teacher Comments” section directly next to self-assessment, the Practise with Purpose diary truly helps to combine these nuggets of knowledge to form a cocktail of practise pointers to include in the focus for the next week’s lesson.


As teachers, we know that a little bit of accountability goes a long way, and this has always been the shining asset of using a practise diary. Gone are the days of wondering what your student has been getting up to for the past week, of another week practising “Shut Up & Drive” and rejecting “Ghost Town” (the horror!), and of conveniently forgetting to practise their scales! With columns dedicated to warming up, the performance pieces and of course all the technical exercises, you can guarantee that this will help your students remember all the elements of their exam. You could let the student fill this in themselves, or even complete it together to make sure the week ahead is really focused.

That’s it for today! Download your free Practise with Purpose Diary now.

Practise with Purpose Diary: Video Exams Edition