RSL examinations have really taken off in Portugal. There is both a strong expatriate community which is familiar with the British exam system and increasing interest from Portuguese people wanting to play rock music and get a qualification.

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Victor Gomes represents Rockschool in Portugal and can be contacted via email



Graded Music Exams
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Vocals
  • Piano
  • Band Based Keys
  • Band Exams
  • Performance Diplomas
  • Teaching Diplomas
  • ITDC

Performance Arts Awards

Group Graded Exams
  • Musical Theatre
  • Performance Diplomas
  • Teaching Diplomas

Vocational Qualifications

  • Music Practitioner
  • Music Educator
  • Creative Practitioner


RSL has been an independently accredited awarding organisation in the UK since 2002. Rockschool is accredited by all four UK countries (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) and is the only Graded Music awarding organisation to have such comprehensive accreditation. Read more...


RSL's exams are open for examination in Portugal during the following timeframes.

Exam Duration Closing Date for Applications Period
1st February to 31st March 1st December A
1st May to 31st July 6th April B
23rd October to 15th December 1st October C

Please note, all late applications will incur an administration fee (of €15.00 per candidate), and all entry forms and monies should be given directly to the Portuguese representatives. Centres who need to book dates for examination must confirm these with a representative before making an entry.


The fees are separate for Band Exams and non-Band Exams so please see the respective table below for the appropriate fees.

Graded Music Exam/Group Graded Fees

Qualification Rockschool Performance Arts Awards
Premiere €56.00 -
Debut €59.00 €20.00
Grade 1 €65.00 €25.00
Grade 2 €69.00 €30.00
Grade 3 €74.00 €35.00
Grade 4 €82.00 €40.00
Grade 5 €87.00 €45.00
Grade 6 €97.00 €50.00
Grade 7 €107.00 €55.00
Grade 8 €116.00 €60.00

Band Exam Fees

Band exams are only offered at Grades 3, 5 and 8. Please note that the prices listed below are per candidate.

Qualification Rockschool Performance Arts Awards
Grade 3 €45.00 -
Grade 5 €60.00 -
Grade 8 €80.00 -

Rockschool Diploma Fees

The following Diploma fees apply to the Rockschool Diploma qualifications.

Qualification Unit 1 Fee Unit 2 Fee Total Fee
Performance Diploma - Level 4 - - €380.00
Performance Diploma - Level 6 - - €630.00
Teaching Diploma - Level 4 - - €490.00
Teaching Diploma - Level 6 - - €730.00

Performance Arts Awards Diploma Fees

The following Diploma fees apply to the Performance Arts Awards Diploma qualifications.

Qualification Total Fee
Performance Diploma - Level 4 £300.00
Teaching Diploma - Level 4 £300.00

Vocational Qualifications Fees

There are various types of centres which deliver Rockschool Vocational Qualifications. Each has its own entry requirements and centres should be contacted directly with any enquiries regarding enrolment. Contact the Rockschool Representatives for further assistance.

Exam Centres

Rockschool's qualifications are run across Portugal at the centres displayed below. Please ensure the exam centre you're interested in offers the qualifications you plan on entering onto. Use the Google map tools to zoom in a particular region of the map, or to scroll around. Clicking on one of the icons will display more information about the centre.

  • Exam Centre (public) Exam Centre (public)
  • Exam Centre (private) Exam Centre (private)

Contact Information

If you have any more queries please feel free to contact one of our Representatives:

Victor Gomes, Amadeu Palhares