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Popular Music Theory plays a fundamental role in the learning process; whether you're an instrumentalist, vocalist, music producer or a sound engineer.  Learning Popular Music Theory enables students to understand how music fundamentally works, as well developing their writing and performing accuracy. Each learner gets the opportunity to grasp key skills such as: notation, key signatures and articulation, which better prepares a student if they choose to pick up other instruments later down the line. Whatever area of music you wish to pursue, RSL's Popular Music Theory qualification is the best resource to expand your knowledge in all areas of popular music - and here's a few reasons why:

Communicate freely with other musicians: Even if they play instruments you’ve never laid eyes on before.

Become a Musical Director: Gain the confidence and articulation to direct and work with bands, performers, studio engineers and composers.

Understand rock and pop's more unusual instruments: Discover more about rock & pops more uncommon instruments; how they're notated, and how to arrange your own brass and string sections.

As an internationally recognised qualification: Our music theory grades can be taken anywhere in the world.

Earn UCAS points: By taking the Popular Music Theory exam you can add another extra curricular credit to your university application.

Summer exams

The deadline for the Popular Music Theory exam is 18th June 2018.

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