We have a lot of frequently asked questions so we've categorised them to help you find your answer faster.

Q. Are there age limits for those taking exams?
A. No, there are no age limits (as per OfQual regulations). We do however recommend the following ages groups for each grade:
  • Debut – ages 5 - 6
  • Grade 1 – ages 7 - 8
  • Grade 2 – ages 8 - 10
  • Grade 3 – ages 10 - 12
  • Grade 4 – ages 13 - 15
  • Grade 5 – ages 15 - 16
  • Grade 6 - 8 – ages 16 - 18
Q. Where can I take a PAA exam?
A. PAA Group exams are conducted at your own centre on a date chosen by you.
Q. How do I book an exam?
A.To book a date simply email us at info@performanceartsawards.com
Q. How do I enter my candidates for an exam?
A. Once you have booked a date via email, you can visit our secure online entry section and complete your booking.
Q. How much does an exam cost?
A. The price of an exam varies depending on which grade the candidate is taking. View the exam prices.
Q. When do the exams take place?
A. The exams are held over three sessions per year. View the exam periods and closing dates
Q. Are there any provisions for candidates with special educational needs?
A. Yes. Candidates can tell us what they need when entering for an exam and/or contact us and we will do everything we can to support the candidate
Q. Where can I prepare for the exam?
A. Many organisations teach our Performance Arts Awards syllabus. Among these are StageCoach Theatre Arts and Theatretrain.
Q. Where can I find the information I need for my candidates to take the exam?
A. An overview of each grade can be found on our website within the Performance Arts Group Graded Exams section. You can also refer to the respective syllabus guide for further information as well as units, assessment criteria and regulations.
Q. What pieces are suitable for the musical theatre performance?
A. As a principal or teacher, you are free to choose your own material. We do however ask that you refer to the timing requirements and suggested repertoire for more information
Q. How do I know if my candidates are ready for the exam?
A. We advise that before entering an exam each candidate should be confident and proficient in everything contained in the syllabus guide.
Q. Do I need to start from the beginning Premiere or can I go in at any level, for example: Grade 5?
A. Candidates can take a Rockschool Performance Arts exam at any grade without having taken the grade before or an equivalent exam. We do assume that if a candidate starts at any level other than Entry Level or Grade 1, then they are proficient in the techniques and skills required at the lower grades. Check the syllabus guide and talk to a teacher before entering an exam.
Q. Will the exams fit with my usual timetable?
A. Our exams have been tailored to fit with the standard 3 hour sessions that Stageschools usually operate within.
Q. What equipment do I need for the examiner?
A. The examiner will need just a table, a chair and adequate lighting.
Q. Can candidates be in costume?
A. Yes.
Q. Can parents watch the exam?
A. Parents will be allowed to watch the performance section of the exam. The technical exercise and discussion must be conducted with just the examiner and candidates.
Q. How do examiners identify candidates during the performance?
A. We ask that all candidates wear a performer number (which is predetermined by Rockschool) on the front of their T-shirt/costume. We ask that the centre arranges this.
Q. Can a teacher read in for candidates who are unexpectedly absent?
A. Yes, this is acceptable (within reason), as long as none of the students are being led by the teacher.
Q. Is prompting allowed?
A. We discourage prompting, but appreciate that sometimes it is necessary for the performance to continue.
Q. When will we get the exam results?
A. Principals will be issued with an emailed overview of their results within 2 weeks of the exam. Certificates and mark sheets will then be issued within a further 2 weeks of this time.
Q. My candidate has lost their certificate. Can I get a replacement?
A. Yes. Download and fill in our Certificate Replacement Form section and follow the instructions within. Replacement certificates cost £6 each will be marked with the words "Replacement Certificate".
Q. The name is incorrectly spelt on the certificate. Can I get a replacement?
A. Certificates will have the spelling of the name as it is entered during the online entry process. If we have made an error we will replace it.

If the name on certificate supplied is found to be incorrect there is a cost of £10 to replace the certificate with the correct name.

Any errors can be amended in the time between the issuing of the initial schedule and confirmation of the results by email. After this point a fee is incurred on any certificate amends.
Q. How do I make an appeal?
A. Candidates can check our appeal process. if the candidate feels their case fits the criteria, download the appeal request form and send it to us.