PAA examinations are open all year round and can be scheduled to fit with your existing programme.

Exam Period Deadline Date
26th Feb - 30th March 2018 28th February 2018
28th May - 6th August 2018 15th June 2018
12th November - 21st December 2018 19th October 2018

Book an exam date

To book an exam date at your centre simply email us with your requirements.

All the syllabus information and supporting content to start delivering PAA Group Graded Exams can be found on the PAA syllabus page.


To make PAA examinations truly accessible, we operate a no membership fee policy, meaning we only charge an examination entry fee per candidate *.

Grade Price in Pounds (UK)
Premiere £20.00
Debut £22.00
Grade 1 £26.00
Grade 2 £29.50
Grade 3 £33.00
Grade 4 £37.50
Grade 5 £43.50
Grade 6 £50.00
Grade 7 £57.50
Grade 8 £62.50

Info: * PAA operates a minimum fee policy for Group Graded Exams, which for 2018 will be £450.00 per half day.