Performance Diploma

PAA Performance Diploma

PAA offer Performance Diplomas in Musical Theatre at Level 4, aimed at the professional performer, this qualification will give you the relative skills to become a confident and articulate Musical Theatre performer. Contact us to start your diploma.


Level 4 Diploma in Performing Arts

The aim of the Diploma qualification is to provide a flexible, vocationally-relevant qualification at both Level 4 for experienced/skilled performing artists aged 16 and over who wish to demonstrate their skills as performers.

The broad objectives are:

  • To focus delivery and assessment on performance skills;
  • To make the qualifications as flexible as possible in the spirit of the Framework for Achievement and the Qualifications and Credit Framework;
  • To link into the work on qualifications and skills development being undertaken by the Performing Arts Manifesto and to embrace the guidance of the Creative and Cultural Sector Skills Council (CC Skills).

The Diploma consists of a single performance unit in which candidates are asked to use the main principles of the discipline in effective practice, using a range of approaches. They will apply stagecraft to demonstrate their understanding of the content and context of the performance. All material will be chosen by the candidate. In addition the candidate is required to participate in an evaluation of the performance with the examiner.

Download the Level 4 Diploma in Performing Arts syllabus:

Level 4 PAA Performance Diploma Syllabus