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PAA grades in... Screen Acting

Deliver your perfect performance in every scene with PAA Screen Acting.

This unique and innovative syllabus will develop your screen acting skills grade-by-grade so you can perform with confidence no matter what acting scenario you find yourself in.

You’ll gain a practical knowledge of key camera angles utilised in TV and film production, allowing you to hone your screen acting technique and the opportunity to bring your characters to life, all whilst working towards an internationally recognised qualification.

Download the PAA Screen Acting Syllabus

Download the PAA Screen Acting Syllabus - SQA Accredited (SCOTLAND ONLY)

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Teaching Support

RSL have provided a range of supporting materials so you can focus on what matters most… teaching! We have syllabus guides, “how-to” videos and repertoire suggestions – all available for free.

Diverse Repertoire

Repertoire suggestions have been carefully compiled to provide a comprehensive and varied range of scenes and plays, championing authors from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as a fair representation of gender, enabling students to feel comfortable performing or studying material which is enjoyable and relevant to them.


From Premiere through to Grade 8, candidates can enter for their exam as a solo performer or in twos. All Screen Acting exams can be captured via a smartphone and submitted as a Recorded Video Exam, allowing greater flexibility for candidates to enter whenever they’re ready – regardless of location.

For all Levels

This graded suite assesses the complete range of Screen Acting abilities, from complete beginner (Premiere) all the way up to a professional standard (Grade 8).

Ease of Set-up

The PAA Screen Acting syllabus and range of supportive materials are free to download from the website, meaning you can start teaching straight away without any initial cost outlays.

Regulated Qualification

All PAA graded exams are recognised and regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). UCAS Points allocation are currently being assessed and should be available available after the normal UCAS assessment process. Please contact for more information.

Supporting Content

An Introduction to Screen Acting

PAA Syllabus Consultant and Senior Examiner Jacquie Kirk introduces the brand new PAA Screen Acting qualification!

Video Filming Guidance Part 1

In Part 1 of our filming guidance for PAA Screen Acting, we provide some guidelines to standardising your video exam recording to give our examiners the greatest opportunity to assess your talents.

Video Filming Guidance Part 2

In Part 2 of our filming guidance for PAA Screen Acting, we provide some tips and pointers of how you can set up your smartphone to capture the required shots for your video exam recording.

Download the Syllabus Spec & Support Content

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Screen Acting Syllabus

Download the syllabus specification for free and start delivering your Screen Acting lessons right away!

PAA Screen Acting: Syllabus Specification

PAA Screen Acting Syllabus - SQA Accredited (Scotland only)

Supporting Content

We have put together a range of supporting downloads to aid your delivery of Screen Acting.

Teacher support, scene guidance & repertoire suggestions:
PAA Screen Acting Teacher Guidance & Repertoire Suggestions

Exam procedure & filming guidance:
PAA Screen Acting – Exam Procedure & Filming Guidance

Commercials Scripts for G7 & 8:
PAA Screen Acting Commercials Scripts Grades 7&8 (.ZIP)

Supporting Videos

This playlist will introduce you to and explain the various filming guidance required to video your Screen Acting exam.

Dates & Fees

Recorded Digital Exams

There are no set dates for PAA Screen Acting exams. You can submit your candidates video exam recording whenever they are ready! -

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