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Communicate with confidence... PAA Public Speaking

PAA’s suite of graded examinations in Public Speaking are tailor-made to support and encourage learners of all abilities to communicate effectively.

No matter the age, level or background of a candidate, PAA’s Public Speaking qualifications from Premiere to Grade 8 will positively influence the learner’s communication skills, confidence, and employability.

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Why PAA Public Speaking?

Teaching Support

We want you to focus on what matters most… teaching! To complement our syllabus guide, you’ll be able to find additional teaching guidance, exemplar videos, repertoire suggestions, and digital exam guidance – all available for free.

Diverse Repertoire

Depending on the requirements at each grade, candidates will perform a range of speeches, poems, raps, tongue twisters, or stories. There’s also the opportunity to be able to perform original material written by the candidate! Repertoire suggestions champion poets from a range of cultural backgrounds as well as a fair representation of gender, enabling students to feel comfortable performing or studying material which is enjoyable and relevant to them.

Accessible Exam Formats

There are three types of examination formats available across all grades to suit your learners needs: Face-to-Face examinations (schools / venues only), Live Video examinations (schools / venues only), Recorded Video examinations.

For all Levels

This graded suite assesses the complete range of Public Speaking abilities, from complete beginner (Premiere) all the way up to a professional standard (Grade 8).

Ease of Set-up

The PAA Public Speaking syllabus and range of supportive materials are free to download from the website, meaning you can start teaching straight away without any initial cost outlays.

UCAS Points

UCAS points are available at grades 6, 7 and 8, supporting students' progression onto university courses, or for a career in the performing arts industry.

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PAA Public Speaking Syllabus

Download the syllabus specification for free and start delivering your Public Speaking lessons right away!

PAA Public Speaking: Syllabus Specification

Video Exemplars

This playlist is designed to further support teachers and learners when preparing for an RSL Public Speaking examination. Please download the exemplar documentation below to reference marks awarded and rationale:

PAA Public Speaking: Speech Exemplars Marks Awarded & Rationale

Grade 8

Grade 5

Grade 3

Grade 1

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