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RSL Awards are proud to release a new suite of graded qualifications in Acting. PAA Acting develops candidates of all ages and levels, assessing a range of communication, interpretative and technical skills through practical assessment.

PAA Acting’s flexible delivery approach gives teachers complete creative freedom to compile scenes from plays or anthologies, adapted excerpts from novels, or even original scenes written by the candidates themselves. These can be performed in an exam as monologue(s), duologue(s) or scenes for three.

Download the PAA Acting Syllabus

Download the PAA Acting Syllabus - SQA Accredited (SCOTLAND ONLY)

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Performance Focussed

Depending on the requirements at each grade, candidates can perform scenes from plays (all grades), anthologies and adapted excerpts from novels (Premiere – Grade 5). There’s also the option to perform original scenes written by the candidates from Grades 1 – 8.

Creative Freedom

PAA encourages creativity; the performance material is chosen by the teacher or candidate(s), allowing creative freedom and the opportunity for learners to study material of particular interest to them or from their own culture.

Teaching Support

Repertoire suggestions have been carefully compiled to provide a comprehensive and varied range of scenes/plays, as a useful starting point for teachers. We have championed authors from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as a fair representation of gender, enabling students to feel comfortable performing or studying material which is enjoyable and relevant to them.

Assessment Flexibility

At all grades, candidates can enter their exam as a solo, or in twos or threes, performing monologues, duologues or scenes for three. In addition, candidates taking grades 1-8 in twos/threes, may also perform a monologue each for one of their choices.

Accessible Exam Formats

There are three types of examination formats available across all grades to suit your learners needs: Face-to-Face examinations (schools / venues only), Live Video examinations (schools / venues only), Recorded Video examinations.

Regulated Qualification

All PAA graded exams are recognised and regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). UCAS Points allocation are confirmed and available from May 2022. Please contact for more information.

The Exam

PAA Acting assesses a range of interpretative skills, technical skills, and knowledge and understanding through the following components.

Practical Assessment

Performance of the chosen scene(s): the number and content of which are dependent upon the grade taken – 90% of marks (100% at Premiere)

Knowledge & Understanding

Candidates present their responses to chosen questions – 10% of marks (Debut – Grade 8)

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