On Friday 17th September we held a series of talks over Zoom on how you can get the most out of the existing Performance Arts Awards materials as well as exploring the latest additions to the PAA collection.

It was a great day and we're delighted to now be able to share the recordings with you. We'll be adding the sessions individually over the coming weeks below and on our YouTube channel, starting with the Introduction session. Check out the full programme listing below to see what's in store!

Act One, Scene 1: Introduction followed by Acting warm-up

Act One, Scene 2: Acting presentation

Act One, Scene 3: PAA Jazz Dance and Street Dance followed by Dance Q&A

Act Two, Scene 1: PAA Musical Theatre Workshop

Act Two, Scene 2: Exam process with Rebecca Minchin (PAA Exams Officer)

Act Two, Scene 3: Musical Theatre Presentation

Act Two, Scene 4: Q+A

Act I

10:00 Scene I: Introduction followed by PAA Acting warm-up

An introduction to Rockschool and PAA followed by an Acting warm up with physical, facial and vocal exercises.

11:00 Scene II: Acting Presentation, including announcement on Screen Acting to be launched soon and Q&A

An introduction and look at our new acting syllabus with Jacquie Kirke.

12:00 Scene III: PAA Jazz Dance and Street Dance followed by Dance Q&A

An in depth look at our PAA Graded Dance exams with Michelle Taylorson.

13:00 Interval

Act II

14:00 Scene I: PAA Musical Theatre Workshop

Learn a Musical Theatre dance routine suitable for grade ones with Michelle Taylorson.

14:30 Scene II: Exam process with Rebecca Minchin (PAA Exams Officer)

Find out how to book a PAA exam.

15:00 Scene III: Musical Theatre Presentation

A look into our Musical Theatre Graded exams with Jacquie Kirke.

16:00 Finale: Final Musical Theatre show clip, followed by Q&A

Your chance to ask questions to all things related to our PAA Syllabus.