Music Teachers 24 November, 2022

New Rockschool Benchmarked resources from Teachers rock

RSL Awards are delighted to announce a new partnership with Teachers Rock®!

We have benchmarked Teachers Rock® most popular arrangements for use as accredited free choice pieces for use in Rockschool Vocals Graded Music Exams.

These brand new arrangements provide additional wider repertoire and are now available to access globally on the Teachers Rock® Sheet Music Direct website.

In addition to the ‘Lead Vocal and Piano Accompaniment’ scores which have been produced for use in Rockschool Vocals exams, Teachers Rock® have also created brand new, high quality bespoke backing tracks to accompany each benchmarked track enabling students to prepare, rehearse and perform with backing tracks in their examinations (available in person or online). Click here to learn more about our world renowned Graded Music Exams or here for our innovative Group Performance assessments.

What new arrangements and backing tracks are available?

  • All Together Now – The Farm | Grade 1
  • Lean On Me – Bill Withers | Grade 2
  • Fix You – Coldplay | Grade 4
  • Place Your Hands – Reef | Grade 5
  • Viva La Vida – Coldplay | Grade 5
  • Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits | Grade 5
  • Hard Road to Travel – Jimmy Cliff | Grade 6
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water – Paul Simon | Grade 6
  • When you Believe – Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey | Grade 8

What is an accredited free choice piece?

Accredited free choice pieces are selections of repertoire that have been pre-approved for use in graded music exams. The list of accredited free choice pieces have had their suitability for presentation at the relevant grade pre-determined by RSL.

What are Rockschool Vocals Wider Repertoire?

Our lists of Wider Repertoire for Rockschool Vocals, including the new Teachers Rock® benchmarked pieces, are are accredited Free Choice Pieces. For each piece in the list we have provided a link to the specific sheet music arrangement which has been benchmarked at the relevant grade level. Please note: there may be other arrangements available which have a different level of challenge – only the stated arrangement is considered an Accredited Free Choice Piece.

About Teachers Rock®:

Teachers Rock® is a high quality vocal learning platform for educators and young people offering wholly inclusive singing experiences promoting music and well-being across communities.

All Teachers Rock® vocal arrangements have a proven track record in engaging, empowering and inspiring both young people, their teaching staff and professionals alike.

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