Music Production - Summer Exams 2018

The popularity and influence of Music Production continues to rise, which is being mirrored by its rapid growth in music education. With more and more institutions now introducing it in their teaching, students are being given the opportunity to learn the key skills associated with contemporary music production. Despite this positive start, it is still very early days; with many learners left wanting when it comes to enhancing their creativity based on their own musical tastes. Exposing the next generation of artists to the skills that will give them a great advantage later in their musical development is vital to RSL, are our Music Production release serves to provide a relevant syllabus for today's learners.

If you are looking to enter into a career in music production, having a well developed knowledge of industry fundamentals will aid the development of confidence, as well as the necessary skill-sets.  A career in music production is not only exciting but it can open numerous doors, whether it the world of music, television, theatre, film or gaming.

Based on this, it was extremely important that RSL's Music Production suite delivered a comprehensive platform, guaranteed to provide a grounding from which students can progress to any related area of the industry.  You can explore the worlds of popular music, electronic music production, movie soundtrack production and chart topping video game soundtracks.

The Exam

* Music production theory (25%) which includes sound and audio fundamentals and music production terminology

* Listening skills (15%) which is comprised of sonic fidelity, music theory and harmony and stylistic awareness assessments

* Practical skills (60%) which includes technical skills (the candidate’s ability to navigate their way around their DAW of choice) and professional scenario (the candidate’s ability to produce music to a given brief). In grades 6, 7 & 8 candidates can choose their area of specialism for the professional scenario component from a choice of audio production, electronic music production and sound for media. The exam is delivered using a ground-breaking online classroom digital platform, in collaboration with MusicFirst.

Summer Exams 2018

If you would like to gain a Music Production qualification please ensure you enter before 13th June 2018.

To enter for your exam you can enter here.

For those that already have: good luck!

The RSL Team