Social media can be a fantastic tool for musicians, allowing them to connect, be inspired, and share their work like never before.

On the flip side, it can also be a huge distraction and erode people's feelings of self worth.

We think there's a happy balance to using social media, so we've compiled a list of do's and don'ts to ensure you use your time online constructively.

DO Follow the musicians and artists who inspire you.

Social media can be a great tool for opening your eyes to all that is possible. At the click of a button, you can find thousands of incredible instrumentalists doing some awe-inspiring work. If you were ever uncertain about pursuing music as a career, joining a band or songwriting, you will not have to look far online to find some inspirational examples. You can find plenty of inspiration from the musicians who took part in our Online Music Festival over on our Facebook page!

DON’T Compare your playing with others.

We all know that the realities of life are very different to what gets portrayed on social media, however, that still doesn’t stop us from comparing our skills to others every now and then. Whilst this is an incredibly normal response, it is a very unnatural scenario that we are able to see what everyone is doing all the time. Take a step back sometimes, and remember that social media is just the highlight reel of life!

DO Set boundaries.

We all know how time spent on social media can quickly run away from us. It’s all too easy to pick up your phone and before you know it, an hour has passed! Making sure we have set appropriate boundaries is very helpful when preparing for an exam, however, this does require a level of discipline to make sure this is put into practice. If you are well rehearsed in social media self-control then you should be fine, but if not, get into those phone settings and make sure your phone will tell you when to switch off (you’ll thank yourself later!). It can be especially easy to slip into procrastination if you're already using a digital device to use a practice tool like Replay, so make sure you're on your best behaviour when using a phone or tablet.

DON’T Engage with bullies.

Unfortunately, as in the real world, there are also people online who seek to spread negativity. Our advice with this one is simple – do not engage. The “block” feature is there for a reason!

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DO Support other musicians’ work.

Whether these are famous musicians or friends of your own, there is room for us all to be successful when we lift each other up. You may have heard the phrase that “all ships rise in high tide”, and this is certainly true in this case. Like, comment, share and support the work of others and you will undoubtedly see this reciprocated. You can even make new connections online which may benefit you in the future!

Share your little wins with us. We would love to see your progress as you prepare for your next graded music exam! Check out our socials below.

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Closing the first day of our Online Music Festival is Harry Churchill. Harry regularly appears on our social media when he’s not posting videos on his YouTube channel 'Harry's Guitar Time', which showcases his guitar progress and bottle flipping skills. 🌟 His set today mainly consists of his Grade 4 pieces, while he also revisits some of his favourite songs from Grade 2 & 3 as well as an improvised blues jam. His favourite guitarists are Brian May, Slash and Stevie T – good choices! 💥 If you enjoy Harry's performance he would love you to join him on his musical journey by subscribing to 'Harry's Guitar Time'. See you back here tomorrow at 12:00 BST for more Rockschool action!

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