MusicGurus – an online music tutorial platform

Features include:

  • Challenge yourself with carefully crafted courses
  • Tutorial videos with top musicians: Structured learning with high-quality video lessons
  • Slow down and loop to practice at your own pace
  • Total Freedom: Learn any time, anywhere. Only pay for what you use.

With performances and instruction from professionals, these video titles represent a unique opportunity for students to fast track their learning experience as well as being an informative resource to reinvigorate lessons with new ideas, tips and tricks.

In addition to the performances and pro insight, the platform also enables slow motion and looping, in sync with the digital sheet music, to help you easily repeat the passages your students are struggling to master at any given time.

As a valuable resource MusicGurus are allowing all Rockschool practitioners a chance to use Grade 3 completely FREE in:

Electric Guitar (2012-2018 repertoire)


Drums (2012-2018 repertoire) 

To claim the free grade 3 just enter your code at check out when you sign up to an account on the Music Gurus website.







Please note: this is one methodology in preparation for a Rockschool exam; other methods are also available. MusicGurus tutorials are an independent service that wholly exists outside of RSL (Rockschool Ltd.) and are neither developed nor maintained by RSL or its partners.

Music Gurus Drums Tutorials

Music Gurus Drums Grade 3

Music Gurus Guitar Tutorials

Music Gurus Guitar Tutorials

Music Gurus Piano Tutorials

MusicGurus Piano Tutorials