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The February to March deadline is 14 December

Vocals Grade 2

At Vocals Grade 2 you'll focus on the mechanics of professional vocal performance, from tone and dynamics to chest voice and small intervals. Then your skills will be tested in five short performances of a range of Rockschool compositions and your own choice of tunes.

Key Skills at Grade 2

What you'll learn at Grade 2:

  • Dynamic changes, tone, chest voice and small intervals
  • The natural minor scale and minor arpeggio
  • Small major and minor intervals and spoken rhythms

What You're Marked On

Your Vocals Grade 2 exam lasts 25 minutes and is split into five key sections.

Performance Pieces

Candidates must prepare a total of three pieces for a Grade Exam and five pieces for a Performance Certificate.
There is an option of two Free Choice Pieces for a Grade Exam and three Free Choice Pieces for a Performance Certificate.

Info: As of October 2016, the 'Improvisation Requirements' for 'Performance Pieces', as published in older editions of the 2014 Vocal syllabus, are no longer a mandatory requirement for Rockschool Vocal candidates. While we encourage individual musical interpretation and candidates are free to improvise, the previous 'Improvisation Requirements' are no longer mandatory. Download our 2016 Vocals Syllabus Specification (2.2MB, .pdf) for more details.

Learn more about Free Choice Pieces...

Technical Exercises

At Grade 2 there are four groups of Technical Exercises. The examiner will ask for a selection from each group.

  • Scales
  • Arpeggios
  • Intervals
  • Technical Studies

Sight Reading/Improvisation and Interpretation

At Grade 2 a choice between Sight Reading OR Improvisation and Interpretation will be offered. A previously unseen test will be used in the exam and an example of this can be found in the Vocals Grade 2 Female book or Vocals Grade 2 Male book.

Sight Reading


  • Female: F major or A minor
  • Male: C major or A minor
  • Tempo: 70bpm
  • Range: Up to a Major 3rd

At Grade 2 the Sight Reading test consists of whole notes (semi­breves), half notes (minims), quarter notes (crotchets) and quarter note rests in 4/4. The test is four bars long, starts with the root note and is in one of the above keys.

Improvisation and Interpretation


  • Female: A minor
  • Male: A minor
  • Tempo: 80-90bpm

At Grade 2 the examiner will give the candidate a chord sequence in the key of A minor. The candidate must improvise a melody over the backing track. The test is four­bars long and will be heard three times.

Ear Tests

There are two Ear Tests at Grade 2; Melodic Recall and Rhythmic Recall.

Melodic Recall
  • Female: C major
  • Male: C major
  • Tempo: 85bpm

The examiner will play a two-­bar melody with a drum backing. The melody will use the first three notes of the C major scale and the first note will be the root note. The test will be heard twice, each time with the root note and a four-­beat count-­in.

Rhythmic Recall
Part 1: Rhythmic Recall
  • Tempo: 90bpm

The examiner will play a two-­bar rhythm played on a single note to a drum backing. The test will be heard twice, each time with a four-­beat count-­in.

Part 2: Identification

The candidate will then be asked to identify the rhythm heard in part 1 from two printed examples shown by the examiner.

General Musicianship Questions

General Musicianship Questions are included to test further musical understanding and voice knowledge. At Grade 2 you will be asked five questions, four on general music knowledge, and the fifth will be about voice.

  • Four general music knowledge questions on the piece including; pitch, repeat marks, slurs, time signatures, and note values and rests
  • One question based on voice including; diction, tone, breath and posture

You can find an expansive list of general musicianship questions in the Vocals Companion Guide.

Vocals GMQ Sample (90KB, .pdf)


Your Grade 2 exam lasts 25 minutes for a Grade Exam or 25 minutes for a Performance Certificate. Candidates are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before their exam starts.

Get Started Today!

You can start working towards your Vocals Grade 2 exam now! Simply buy or download the Vocals Grade 2 Female book or Vocals Grade 2 Male book, and start preparing alongside your singing teacher.

If you don't have a singing teacher, you can quickly find the nearest teacher to you with our handy find a music teacher map.

Books for Vocals Grade 2

  • Vocals Grade 2 Book Cover Vocals Grade 2

    TThe Female Vocals Grade 2 book contains everything you need to pass your first Vocals Grade exam.

  • Vocals Grade 2 Book Cover Vocals Grade 2

    The Male Vocals Grade 2 book contains everything you need to pass your first Vocals Grade exam.

  • Vocals Companion Guide Book Cover Vocals Companion Guide

    The Vocals Companion Guide book features over 200 "unseen" test examples.

  • Workbook Grade 2 Book Cover Workbook Grade 2

    The Rockschool Grade 2 Theory Workbook is the ideal preparation for your Grade 2 theory exam.