Enter for your Bass exam in four quick steps

The February to March deadline is 14 December

Bass Premiere

The Bass Premiere exam is your first step to learning everything you need to know to play bass with the pros. You'll learn the fundamentals of the instrument, and then show off your new skills at exam time – by playing five tunes from the Rockschool Let's Rock book.

Key Skills at Premiere

What you'll learn at Premiere:

  • The basics of music notation and your instrument
  • Rock, Pop, Metal, Country, Indie and Hip Hop
  • Simple basslines, riffs and arpeggios

Exam Structure

The Premiere exam lasts 10 minutes, during which you will play five Performance Pieces. There is a choice of six pieces in Let's Rock Bass and an additional three ensemble pieces at the back of the book. Candidates should choose five out of these nine pieces to play in the examination.

Unlike the later Grade exams, there are no Technical Exercises, Sight Reading, Ear Tests or General Musicianship Questions for the Premiere exam, and there are no Free Choice pieces for this level ... they start at Grade 1.

If there is any doubt or questions about the content of your Premiere exam then please contact us.

What You're Marked On

At Premiere:

  • All Performance Pieces are to be played as written. There are no requirements for improvisation.
  • Each Performance Piece is marked out of 20.
  • The grading for this exam will be 'Pass' or 'Unclassified'.


Your Premiere exam lasts 10 minutes. Candidates are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before their exam starts.

Get Started Today!

You can start working towards your Premiere exam now! Simply buy or download the Premiere (Let's Rock Bass) book and start preparing alongside your bass teacher.

If you don't have a bass teacher, you can quickly find the nearest teacher to you with our handy find a music teacher map.

Books for Bass Premiere

  • Let''s Rock Bass Book Cover Bass Let's Rock

    The Let's Rock Bass book contains everything you need to sit your Premiere exam.