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Rockschool's Performance Diplomas are your entry to music qualifications at a professional level. Focusing on truly industry relevant content that covers the whole package of being a working rock and pop musician.

Develop key skills at a professional level

Take a Performance Diploma and you'll master a range of professional-level skills that are tailored to the needs of the gigging musician.

Performance focused

Rockschool's Performance Diplomas are focused around the practical application of your performance skills and technique. There's just one external exam, at a centre local to you.

Key industry skills

At both Level 4 and Level 6 you'll demonstrate a robust understanding of the music industry and related knowledge, including public liability, health and safety and contracts.

Understand how to effectively promote yourself

Effectively promote yourself and the image you want, across traditional and non-traditional media, including print collateral and multiple online platforms.

Tailored to you

Design your own performance programme to suit your playing style and musical tastes, then show-off your skills in a 20-30 minute professional performance created by you.

University Qualification

Both the Level 4 and Level 6 Performance Diploma are quality equivalent to the first (L4) and last year (L6) of an Undergraduate Degree.

Qualification Structure

The Rockschool Performance Diploma consists of three elements, all contained in one final exam at a centre local to you.

Performance - Live Show

A real time live performance of a whole set (20-30 minutes), consisting of pieces chosen by you - show the examiner how you gig!

Promotional Portfolio

Create and submit a full portfolio of all the promotional material you'd need for a real live event.

Q&A (Viva Voce)

Explain, define and analyse your performance and promotional portfolio in a short Q&A with the examiner.


Rockschool Diplomas are fully accredited, and offered at Level 4 and Level 6.

Diploma In Music Performance

  • Performance Level: 4
  • Quality Equivalence: End Of First Year Undergraduate Degree

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Licentiate Diploma In Music Performance

  • Performance Level: 6
  • Quality Equivalence: End Of Third Year Undergraduate Degree

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