Our Music Production syllabus has just been remixed!

Rockschool Music Production – Coursework Edition builds on our World's first Music Production graded syllabus. The new syllabus makes studying production more accessible than ever allowing students to use the music production software (DAW) of their choice, whilst developing a wealth of technical, practical and theoretical knowledge they can apply to real-world scenarios.

Here's what's new...

  • The new exam can be undertaken at ANY invigilated exam centre at ANY time during the allotted examination periods.
  • Candidates can work on ANY music production software (DAW).
  • The practical element of the Grade is to be completed in the candidates own time.
  • Candidates can take the new exam on their own laptop / tablet.
  • New shorter exams.

music production coursework edition book covers

The new edition of the syllabus replaces the practical exam elements of the exam with updated coursework tasks to be uploaded during the exam. The coursework task can be completed on a music production software (DAW) of the candidates choice. There are some additional questions that candidates will respond to through qualitative questions about the coursework during the exam to identify to the marker that the coursework was undertaken by the candidate.

The new syllabus is available to download over on our shop now.


The physical version will be available from November 19th...

The existing syllabus will be retained until the end of 2019 to offer a chance for candidates to undertake the exams.