In this week’s Music Production blog we’re getting nerdy. From Audio Interface to XLR, look no further for your A-Z of Music Production terms. Whether you’re preparing for an exam or are simply keen to learn some new terms, look no further!

A – Audio Interface

The computer peripheral which enables the user to input and output audio from a computer, converting the analogue sound into digital when recording and the digital back into audio when played back.

B – Bandwidth

The range of audio frequencies which directly influence the fidelity of a sound.

C – Chorusing

A nifty tool that makes a single sound appear to sound like an entire ensemble. The signal is duplicated and delayed slightly, with a subtle variation of pitch. These time and pitch differences are controlled by a low frequency oscillator (LFO) to provide a subtle variation to the sound.


DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation; this is what you’ll use for recording audio, editing audio, and all sorts of exciting functions.

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E – Event Editor

A DAW editor window which enables the editing of individual MIDI events using text.

F – Fader

The component on a mixing desk which adjusts the channel level. Faders are also emulated in DAWs.

G – Garageband

Available on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products, Garageband is an entry level DAW (other DAWs are available…).

H – High Shelf

A type of equalisation which allows the engineer to remove all frequencies below a defined frequency, allowing the higher frequencies to pass.

I – Isolation

Limiting the amount of sound which can pass from one space to another. For example, sound isolation would be recommended to prevent road noise from outside entering a recording studio so that the noise isn’t recorded.

J – Jack Connector

A male connector commonly used in patch bays, line level equipment, and guitar connections.


Kilobits per second.

L – Logic Pro

Another DAW originally created by a company called C-Lab. It’s now owned by Apple.

M – Mini Jack

Not Jack Connector’s younger brother, but a jack connector with a diameter of 3.5mm and most commonly used by consumer headphones.

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N – Normalisation

The process of increasing the overall volume of a track.

O – Operating System

The software installed on a computer which controls its most basic functions. This is the graphic user interface that the user interacts with.

P – Producer

This is the person who typically leads the music recording project. Think Quincy Jones, Mark Ronson, Missy Elliott.


You can read about some of the most influential producers of the 21st century HERE.

Q – Quantise

Quantising is used to artificially fix parts of the track, correct errors, and add swing. This may detract from the organic sound of the recording and add a sense of artificiality to the recording.

R – Recording Studio

A room or complex of rooms which is used to record sound.

S – Surround Sound

An audio format which uses more than two speakers, arranged around the listener to provide a more realistic environment.

T – Transport

The controls of a DAW which enable the user to play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, and record.

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U – Unison

When two or more instruments play the same an identical line of music simultaneously.

V – Voltage Controlled Oscillator

An oscillator (sound generator) whose pitch can be controlled via voltage variation.

W – Woofer

A speaker which is designed to producer lower frequencies.

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X – XLR Connector

A balanced connection, used in most professional level equipment. The standard connection for microphones. Also referred to as a cannon connector.

Y – YouTube

The biggest social network in the world. An online video streaming service provided by Google where you can find all sorts of new music.

Z – Zedd

Zedd is a Russian-German DJ who neatly completes our A-Z. He's worked with Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez, and primarily produces electro house music.