Live streaming gigs are a great opportunity for musicians. Now that lockdown measures in the UK are slowly relaxing, this means some of our simple pleasures as musicians are beginning to return.

This article has been written for Rockschool on behalf of MGR Music by Leigh Fuge

We can once again meet up with band mates (socially distanced of course!) and use rehearsal facilities. It feels great to be making noise again doesn’t it?!

However, our live shows have not returned. There is no immediate roadmap that shows us when we can return to the stage. So what can we do to keep our audiences engaged with our band? Live streaming gigs!

A lot of big artists have started live streaming from home. You don’t have to look far on social media to find artists ranging from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, cover star of Rockschool’s Keys grade 3 book, to megastar DJ Diplo all doing live sets online for their audience.


Chris Martin has been one of the first big name artists to adapt to live streaming gigs.

Live stream gigs can take place anywhere where you can reasonably set up with safety. You may want to rent a rehearsal space, or even your local village hall. Some music venues may even be willing to allow you to use the premises for purpose, providing they aren’t open to the public.

All you need to live stream gigs at a basic level is a phone/tablet and a good internet connection. You want to make sure the connection is stable so that your audience aren’t getting skips and drop outs in audio.

Most modern phone microphones are fantastic and many phones have HD/4K cameras. Set your streaming device up so the full band is in shot and hit that GO LIVE button!


If you really want to take the audio to the next level, you could look at a small mixer that connects to your mobile device. This would allow you to mic up instruments and vocals and give a direct, clean sounding audio feed to your viewers.

Be sure to do a test stream before hand if possible, to ensure that you’ve got your levels right. You don’t want your audience to sit through a 30 minute long live stream of just the kick drum do you?

These sessions can be made interactive. You can take questions from the viewers, get them to choose your setlist or even perform some covers that your audience vote on. Use these sessions to engage and entertain your audience and give them value. Make them feel they are contributing to the stream and that their time viewing it is valued by you.

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While artists can’t make any income from performing at the moment, unless you can sell e-tickets for a private live stream performance, you can still utilize your music and merchandise on the live streams. Ask your audience to consider purchasing something from your website in order to support your band through this tough time.

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About the Author:

This article has been written for Rockschool on behalf of MGR Music by Leigh Fuge, a professional guitarist, tutor and journalist from Wales in the UK. He has been working in the music industry for over 10 years as a touring and studio musician with various artists, guitar tutor and writer for many high profile guitar publications. Read more of Leigh's pieces relating to Rockschool here...