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“You get out of life what you put into it … simple.”- Tommy Emmanuel

Practise with Purpose

Practising can often feel like a chore, especially when the deadline for a concert or exam is looming. It is important to use a practice diary and make your practice-routines efficient and varied to stay positive and motivated. Give yourself regular goals, and suddenly it’s not that boring after all!

Practising regularly is absolutely key to any musician’s development, regardless of where they are on their musical journey. An absolute beginner and an experienced professional will practise in very different ways, but both will need a routine that helps them to maximise their potential by attaining new skills, and then maintaining and building on them.

If this is something you think your practice sessions could profit from, then try out RSL’s practice diary to help you practise with purpose, set realistic and achievable goals, and stay motivated! Practice is not about reaching perfection – it is about being better than you were yesterday.

young drummer practicing with RSL book and Rockschool practice diary

Happy practising!


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