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We’ve enhanced our digital grade book offering. Our brand new e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology, are the ultimate practise tool, allowing you to master your instrument and prepare for your graded music exam like never before.

Learning Platform

Upgrade your learning experience!

The e-book interactive sheet music player gives you the ability to jam along with, slow down and loop tricky passages of your favourite Rockschool and RSL Classical performance pieces, whilst receiving automated instantaneous feedback so you can achieve your goals with confidence.

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Learning Platform Grade Books

Digital Access to your Grade Book

The Learning Platform E-books offer unparalleled digital access to RSL Awards’ grade books. They include performance pieces, guidance notes, backing tracks, technical exercises, sight reading, improvisation, and supporting tests. Available for Debut – Grade 8 in most Rockschool and RSL Classical instruments.

Learning Platform Virtual Classroom

Instant Practice Feedback

MatchMySound’s state-of-the-art technology provides students with immediate automated feedback on performance pieces and practice sessions. They will be given feedback measured against pitch, rhythm, and tempo, so they can see instant success of their performances and highlight areas of improvement.

Learning Platform Instant Practice Feedback

Interactive Score Player

The e-books provide an enriched teaching and learning experience, giving you the ability to slow down and loop specific sections of performance pieces. You will also be able to download recordings of your performances so you can evaluate and measure the progress of your practice.

Get started and try them for yourself!

Powered by MatchMySound’s innovative technology, you can access your e-book from any device. So, no matter where you are when inspiration strikes, you’ll be able to practise better!

Our enhanced music learning experience is accessible with all instrument grade e-book purchases across the Rockschool and RSL Classical suites, including; Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Violin, Piano, Classical Piano, Keyboard and Ukulele.

Sample E-books


The Learning Platform E-books are replacing the pre-existing Replay product. If you have previously purchased Replay, you will still have full access to the product which can be accessed as normal via MusicGurus. All existing Replay customers will have access to the equivalent Learning Platform E-book product at no extra cost.

  • All non-hardcopy purchases of available Rockschool and RSL Classical graded publications come with access to our e-book technology. You simply have to select your desired grade e-book product on the RSL Awards shop, complete your check out, and voila… you will be able to access the e-books via your RSL Awards account.

  • The sheet music player for pieces and exercises can be used offline after the item has been loaded.

    Teachers/learners who want to use the e-book without internet connection (e.g. in a classroom without WiFi coverage) should load the piece or exercise first where they have connection, leave the browser window open and then move to the room that doesn’t have connectivity.

    The sheet music player will work for playback, even without internet connection. However, the recording and feedback function will not work.

  • Yes, there are 3 playback options available:

    1. Demo Audio, which plays the full track including the book instrument;
    2. Backing Track, which plays the track without the book instrument;
    3. Click Track, which plays only the metronome.
  • Yes, the learner can make a recording playing along. The e-book system then analyses the performance and gives a feedback score on the accuracy of playing/singing.

    To start a recording click on the REC button on the right-hand side.

    The browser will prompt for permission to use the microphone. The green bar graph below the Record button indicates whether sound is being received. Please ensure in system settings of the device that the correct microphone is selected.

    Headphones are required for the recording as the backing track sound would affect analysis of the performance.

    There are four options for the recording:

    • Click Track: Recording along to a metronome only
    • Follow Me: The recording follows the performance in relation to the score
    • Backing Track: The backing track is played back, i.e. minus the book instrument
    • Demo audio: The full track, including the book instrument is played back

    Please note: the recording function / feedback technology is not currently available for drums.

  • Discover more about our interactive e-books by downloading our “Getting Started” guide or visiting our HelpDesk. These e-books offer a unique and engaging learning experience, and our guide will walk you through all of their features and advantages.

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Digital Files

For the RSL shop we’ve chosen the most widely used media for ease of use and flexibility when transferring across different devices.

Every complete digital book (e.g. Electric Guitar Grade 1) includes:

  • PDF sheet music
  • MP3 audio
  • Supporting tests

Download Limits

We know downloading digital content can be frustrating at times which is why we’ve given you multiple chances to download your audio and sheet music.

Each complete digital book purchased includes:

  • 5 audio downloads
  • 3 sheet music downloadsThis means if you misplace your content, or if your download times-out, you’ll still have plenty of attempts to download your content.

Purchase Options

1. Hard Copy

The hard copy or paperback version can be purchased from our shop for shipping to the UK. Orders for shipping to other countries can be placed via The paperback version includes everything you need for your exam in one essential book, including sheet music, a code for access to MP3 audio and complete supporting tests.

2. Digital Download (where applicable)

Digital downloads is the most popular way of purchasing and downloading a Rockschool book, track or supporting test. Rockschool digital book downloads come complete with PDF sheet music, MP3 audio and supporting tests for instant accessibility on all your favourite devices.

Note: Digital sheet music is stamped with your email address and order number.

3. Digital Download + E-Book Access

The RSL e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology powered by MatchMySound, are the ultimate practise tool, giving you the ability to master your instrument like never before.

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