The first week of November sees some high priority deadlines for VQ delivery centres as part of the Vocational Qualifications key dates calendar...

Assessment Planning for 2021/22

The deadline to submit your assessment and internal verification plans for all qualifications delivered this year is Thursday 4th November 2021. We encourage centres to try and include the completion of units as early as possible in the academic year due to uncertainties presented by Covid. You can speak to your External Quality Assurer (EQA) about the best way to do this and when reviewing your plans, they may provide additional guidance or recommendations along those lines. Please reference the centre handbook for more information.

You can submit your documentation via our secure cloud site...

Making Learner Registrations for 2021/22

The deadline for registering learners is Friday 5th November 2021. This means that centres should have registered all their learners for the 2021/22 assessment year by this time. Registrations after this deadline will incur a late registration fee of £30 per learner in addition to the learner registration fee.  Please note that your learners must be registered for all years they are on the course which include summative assessment, not just the year the learners will be certificated.

Registrations are made through your secure area on our website and you can download the updated how to guide for managing learner registrations here. You can also download our Registration and Certification Policy here which outlines all the regulations surrounding registering learners. It is important you read this carefully to make sure registrations are correct. There is also a document containing Term 1 FAQs for Exams Officers available here which includes the Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN) that may be helpful when making registrations.

Please be aware of the following when making your registrations:

  • You will need to set up the qualification programmes yourself to make sure you are registering learners on the correct units.  If you select a qualification programme from last year, please make sure it has the correct units within it.  If it does not, please create a new qualification programme.
  • When choosing years to register learners, if you create a qualification programme where you identify units as completing in year two of the qualification, it will count 21/22 as year one of the qualification and 22/23 as year two.
  • If you are topping up a qualification (e.g. from a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma to a Level 3 Extended Diploma) please use the top up function rather than creating a new registration. If you create a new registration, it will not recognise prior learning (RPL) of the year one units and you will be invoiced for the full qualification amount rather than a top up.
  • If you are expecting to deliver the externally assessed unit this year, ensure that the current assessment year is selected for this unit otherwise you will not receive the brief when released on the 11th November 2021.
  • If you need to make a change to a learner registration please complete the Change to Learner Registration Form here, then email it to and we can make the change for you.

Thank you for all your efforts in preparing for this year and we look forward to supporting you all the way through to certification at the end of the academic year.