With the Easter holidays drawing to an end, we hope both students and teachers alike are thoroughly rested (and slightly less full of chocolate than everyone at RSL HQ) as they return for the start of the summer term.

With Rockschool’s Period B kicking off from tomorrow we’re back with news, views and groove in newsletter #4 for 2019.


After listening to feedback on our latest Guitar, Bass and Drums syllabuses, we decided to update the count-ins for each of the 162 performance pieces in each of the grade books.

If you would like to update your backing tracks to include the new count-ins, you can now download the latest files by logging into your Rockschool account and re-using the same download links as before. It’s as simple as that!

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New Centre!

We are delighted to welcome Redwall Studios based in Bury, Manchester. The centre provides affordable recording studios, quality rehearsal space and a great environment for musicians to hone their craft.

"As an already established recording studio and music rehearsal rooms, we're incredibly excited with our new public exam centre status and to be teaching the excellent Rockschool grades. They are ideal for our students to learn with and complement our style of teaching perfectly. We're delighted that we can now cover and help develop each key stage of musicianship, from learning, to performing and recording." Carl Heyes, Director.

Jack Collins – Guitar / Head Tutor at Redwall.

Teacher News!

There has been significant press coverage surrounding a new Tribunal ruling which could potentially affect thousands of music teachers across the UK.

The purpose of the ruling is to ensure music teachers are afforded rights such as the national minimum wage, holiday pay and protection from the discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

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Teach 'N' Talk

Another month and another Teach n’ Talk blog entry arrives on our news page. April sees us welcome back Bristol-based guitar tutor, Leigh Fuge, who has focused on ‘Pre-Exam Practise Schedules for Students’.

Click here to read Leigh’s piece in full and improve your practise game.



Costa Rica

April’s RSL International news begins in… London! Usually we begin our international focus from a beautiful, far-flung region (sorry London), but last week we were really pleased to welcome RSL Costa Rica’s Andres Gomez and Pablo Paniagua to RSL HQ.

Andres (Founder) and Pablo (Marketing Director) from Escuela Superior de Música School popped in for a cup of tea as we discussed their progress delivering both PAA and Rockschool material to local students throughout the region.

Thanks for the visit guys! We can’t wait to see how all of your learners get on in 2019 and beyond.

From left to right: Rosie (RSL), Andres, Pablo, Helena (RSL) and Dan (RSL).

Helena in Portugal 

International Business Development Manager, Helena Pieroulli, was in Portugal this month where she attended two events hosted by our centres in the picturesque cities of Porto and Lisbon. The first event was hosted by Porto based Jahas who currently deliver PAA and Rockschool, before the trip over to Lisbon, hosted by Bloom Music Academy.

Helena’s focus centered on the presentation of Rockschool’s new Piano and Keys syllabuses, and with over 800 students in attendance across both centres, we hope that the material really connects with those students that see a future sitting in front of the black ‘n’ white keys of a traditional piano or electric keyboard.

In addition, Helena was also glad to catch up with a few of more centres in the Lisbon, Braganca and Porto regions, with special thanks going out to Va Musica, Institute Polytechnic, Teclarte, PG Guitar Studio and Improviso. Boa sorte a todos!

Norton on Tour


RSL Founder, Norton York, has had a very busy month meeting Rockschooler’s all over the globe. Most recently Norton was in Athens, Greece, where he was a part of their Piano and Keys 2019 launch event at the Conservatory of Classic and Contemporary Music in Kifisia. Norton was joined by RSL rep Spiros and his bright and enthusiastic teaching staff who performed ‘All of Me’ and ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’, both of course feature in the new performance material for 2019.

Keeping it all in the family, Norton’s son, Oscar, was also present. A talented drummer and Rockschool advocate, Oscar shared his experience as a Rockschool student as well as his plans to study at the University of Southampton once he has passed his RSL Diploma. To close, Oscar went on to raise his sticks in person by performing some Rockschool pieces for all in attendance - σας ευχαριστώ όλους!


Norton also took the long, but always worthwhile, trip to India this month. Catching up with the RSL India Office, Norton travelled around multiple destinations, including Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

John and Jono in Asia!

RSL CEO, John Simpson, was in Asia this month visiting centres in multiple countries including the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia!

In the Philippines, John joined representatives from Zion’s Praise Music to celebrate the success of their latest round of students. Once each learners’ hard work was rewarded with the awarding of their official grade certificates, John went on to present at the annual Thanksgiving Banquet where he was invited to play the trumpet alongside the Zion’s Praise gospel band!

Next up? Bali, Indonesia! John was back celebrating more success stories, at a special awards ceremony held for RSL Diploma students. Congrats to all who were awarded at the ceremony. We know how much effort goes into these qualifications and it confidently serves to let us know that the future in the region is bright for the next generation.

RSL Syllabus Manager, Jono Harrison, was in South-East Asia this month, where he celebrated the launch of the new Piano and Keys syllabuses by delivering workshops and seminars with teachers for music ed. leaders in Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore! By all accounts – including his own – Jono had a fantastic time and was delighted to hear all the positive feedback from the first round of students.

Top: Jono playing the piano in Hong Kong; Students explore the new books. Middle: Piano and Keys Seminar in Singapore and Jono joined by RSL Singapore reps. Bottom: Jono with teachers and students in Malaysia.

Meet the examiners!

Meet Senior Examiners Brian Ashworth, Stuart Slater, Eva Brandt and Bruce Darlington. For each of the three weeks leading up to the start of Period B, all four examiners have provided some helpful advice for teachers and tutors gearing up for the summer exam period. Whether it’s how to deal with nerves or how to recover from in-exam mistakes: they’ve got you covered.

Exam Confirmation

If you're waiting for your exam info: RSL provide at least two weeks notice before each exam; although some candidates may receive their date and time up to four weeks prior.

With exams running all the way up to 31/07, you may not receive any information until late into the exam period, so please bear with us and we will get to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for checking-in. We’ll be back with some summer-infused news and views in May!

If you have an Alumni story or want to share your musical journey you can do so here or contact marketing@rslawards.com

The RSL Team.