MARCH: Month number three was full of events, with RSL exhibiting at the Music and Drama Education Expo and the UK’s biggest dance event, Move It. We also celebrated International Women’s Day 2019 with a very special interview, kicking off our brand new series: ‘In Tune’.

Period B

The busiest time of the UK calendar is almost upon us and we can’t wait to hear how all the hundreds of new performance pieces will be played. Due to feedback from some schools regarding their Easter break dates this year, we've decided to extend the entry deadline until midnight on Sunday 7th April.


Exam Period: 1st of May - 31st of July


Music & Drama

We had a fantastic couple of days over at the Kensington Olympia for London's Music and Drama Education Expo 2019. As always, it was a great opportunity to engage with teachers, students and organisations from school, colleges and independent hubs all over the UK.

Move It

We were delighted to exhibit at Move It: ‘the worlds biggest dance event’. As some of you may have seen, the huge array of talented performers danced across our Instagram Story all day; confirming that the future of UK contemporary dance is in good hands (and feet!).

Teach 'n' Talk

Another first for the month, was the inaugural article for our latest Teach ‘N’ Talk blog-series. MGR Music Editor, Leigh Fuge, opened proceedings with a piece based on an interview he conducted with guitar tutor, Danny Webber, who uses Rockschool’s resources to teach his students based in Bristol.

International Women's Day 2019

We celebrated International Women’s Day with the rest of the world on the 8th March by releasing our first long-form interview with Estella Adeyeri: bassist of black, female, punk trio, Big Joanie.

The aim of the interview was to kick-start a conversation around the topic of ‘women in the music industry’. It is also the first of a video series set to feature on our YouTube channel, which will tackle a variety of issues surrounding music, in both education and the commercial world.

We have already met with a variety of inspirational, thoughtful people who are passionate about making changes that empower the next generation. If you’d like to suggest anyone you think fits into this role, then please contact us here!

In Tune with… EPISODE 1!

If you have a bit of time, please give the video a watch, like or even a share. Estella supports some wonderful causes that would profit from as much exposure as possible.

Piano & Keys

As many of you are aware, the brand-new Piano and Keys syllabuses were released last month and we are delighted to have received a swell of positive feedback since musicians all over the world have got their hands on the material.

We are hugely grateful for the feedback as it plays a great part in helping us continue to deliver the most valuable material for our customers, ensuring they receive the best possible learning experience, whatever their goals are.

If you would like to share your feedback with Rockschool please contact us here!

Rockschool Piano Book Covers

Rockschool Keys Book Covers

Music Production Coursework Edition: Level 1

We sat down with Rockschool Education Strategy Manager, Dan Francis, to discuss the importance of Music Production in today's education framework - specifically looking at Level 1 (Grades 1 –3).

Rockschool’s new revision takes the practical element out of the exam and back into the hands of the creator: to be completed in their own time, on any production software, wherever they are.

Big thanks to everyone at Richmond Upon Thames School and Twyford School for taking part. We can’t wait to see how you all get on in the future.

Dealing with Performance Anxiety

Nervous about your upcoming exam? Fear not! We recently caught up with life coach and psychotherapist, James Banfield, from The Liberated Mind to provide teachers and students the tools to understand, spot and overcome performance anxiety. You can watch James’ top tips here...

International News

Henriette was back in India this month visiting a host of venues across north and east India including: Dimapur, Shillong, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi and Kathmandu where she was joined by RSL’s India rep Arup Gohain!

Henriette also delivered presentations between the 4th – 8th March covering the Guitar, Bass and Drums material as well as the newly launched Piano and Keys Syllabuses to teachers and students from all over the region, including Nagaland State and Shillong School of Music.

Top left: Srujanee School of Music (Bhubaneshwar, Odisha) Top right: Teacher Toshimoa Jamir playing a piece from the new Guitar syllabus at GBD, PIANO AND KEYS Launch Event in Dimapur.

Bottom left: owner Rajen at Royal Music, Kathmandu, Nepal with International Business Development Executive Henri Madsen and Business Development Manager, Arup Gohain.

Bottom middle: Meeting with S.M.A.R.T. in Ranchi, music and dance teachers with owner Anup Tigga. Bottom far right: Shillong and Manipur Teachers and senior students with Shillong School of Music owner, Peter Marbaniang (Middle), Henri and Arup Gohain.

Video Contest in Spain

Rockschool Spain ran a brilliant competition this month where students from all across the country were set the simple challenge: record yourself slaying your favourite Rockschool track! Judges included Country Manager, Antonio Olazabal, and RSL Spain rep, Guillermo Sánchez, who announced the winners, who were:

  • Irene Balmaseda from Escuela de Música de Ciudad Real Skinny love by Birdy, Grade 4 Vocals (Top left)
  • Jorge Gash from G. ArtStudios Dark Matter – Rockschool Original from Grade 8 Drums (Top right)
  • Carlos Gonzalez from Rockschool Barcelona Cranial Contraption – Rockschool Original Grade 6 Guitar (Bottom)

A big congratulations to all 3 winners. You can watch each of their performances here...