Stream. Engage. Teach. Welcome to the playback of our recent Virtual RSL On Tour webinar: An introduction to Rockschool Acoustic.

This webinar introduces teachers to the benchmarked levels of progression students can expect to reach as they engage with our Rockschool Acoustic graded exam materials. We look at specific examples of the repertoire at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level; provide explanations of the assessment criteria and our new digital marksheets; and highlight how the grade system maps across to qualifications in the classroom. We also provide information on the different ways students can take exams with Rockschool in your region and territory.

Rockschool Acoustic

Rockschool Acoustic Guitar ALL Grades

Rockschool Acoustic sets a new tone, with a complete set of upgrades to the Acoustic series. As with all of Rockschool’s releases, every grade features meticulously researched and benchmarked tracks from both trailblazing innovators and contemporary trendsetters, exposing each student to an array of genres, styles and instrument-specific techniques as they progress through each grade.

Rockschool Acoustic Sample Pack


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