The Creative Industries generate a huge amount of revenue and employment opportunities on an international scale. The Arts have the ability to cross borders and break language barriers, with vocational qualifications an important route for any aspiring learner wanting a career in the industry.

RSL Awards' Vocational Qualifications offer the most industry relevant and practical training in the creative industries anywhere in the world. Covering the practical skills and knowledge required to establish yourself in the creative sector these qualifications are the perfect options for schools, colleges and training centres wishing to deliver modern, employment focused training.

Understanding Vocational Qualifications

What is a vocational subject?

A vocational qualification is designed to develop knowledge and skills which directly pertain to job roles in an industry. Rather than focusing heavily on theoretical content, students studying a vocational qualification will learn by doing.

Types of vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications can range in level and size. RSLs Vocational Qualifications start at Level 1 – introductory skills and knowledge – up to Level 5 which is equivalent to Year 2 of a University Degree.

Qualifications can vary between 60 guided learning hours – 1080 guided learning hours, there are many sizes to suit whatever type of delivery model you plan.

What vocational qualifications subjects are available?

As a leading specialist awarding organisation covering the creative industries, RSL has been at the forefront of designing industry relevant vocational qualifications in Music, Performing Arts and Creative Digital Media.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements are set by the delivery centre based on the complexity and demands of the assessment criteria at a certain level and how these relate to the individual applicant for a course.

Different levels are made available to accommodate learners with different levels of prior learning or knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest vocational qualification?

The highest level of vocational qualification RSL offers is Level 5.

What level is a diploma?

RSL offers Diploma sized qualifications at each level. A Diploma denotes the largest size of vocational qualification available, though at some levels there may be multiple sizes of Diploma alongside smaller qualifications called Awards and Certificates.

What is a level 5 vocational qualification?

A Level 5 Qualification is equivalent in standard to the second year of a University degree. RSL offers a range of sizes of Level 5 qualifications within our Creative Industries specification.

What is a level 4 vocational qualification?

A level 4 qualification is equivalent in standard to the first year of a University degree. RSL offers a range of sizes of Level 4 qualification within our Creative Industries and Creative Practitioners specifications.

Is a diploma a good qualification?

RSLs Vocational Qualifications are widely recognised, offered by some of the leading providers of creative industries education and they allow progression in to work or further study across a huge range of employers and Higher Education providers.

Is VQ internationally recognised?

Our Vocational Qualifications carry UCAS points allowing University entry in the UK, they are regulated by the English qualifications regulator Ofqual, and they sit on the European Qualifications Framework demonstrating clear equivalence to other international qualifications. They are now offered in Dubai, U.S.A, India, Indonesia and Italy amongst many other territories demonstrating their truly global appeal.

How do I start delivering Vocational Qualifications?

Whether you want to deliver RSL's Vocational Qualifications in music, performing arts or media, simply download the relevant syllabus documentation for your chosen qualification and work out which qualification size you would like to offer. You can then start the centre approval process documented below.

How do I switch exam boards?

Switching over to RSL Awards Vocational Qualifications is easy and can be completed in three simple steps...

1. Submit a preliminary application form.
2. Prepare your full centre approval application for submission.
3. Approval complete!

Hit the link below to see the full requirements and to start your centre application today...


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