Music Teachers 15 June, 2023

How to Enter for an RSL Awards Graded Music Exam

We understand the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into preparing for a graded music exam, which is why we’ve made purchasing and entering for your exam as straightforward as possible.

With the launch of our new and improved site, this is now done in two simple steps:

  • Purchase your exam entry on our online shop
  • Complete your exam details via your secure account

Watch the video below to see how to purchase and enter graded music exams. We’ve made this a straightforward process, meaning that you can focus on perfecting your performance.

Please note this process covers Rockschool and RSL Classical instrument exams, however the steps for music theory and music production assessments are essentially the same.


In short…

Step 1

Find the relevant graded music exam you want to purchase. These are split between instrument, music theory, or music production exams.

When you purchase your exam entry from our online shop, you will select the chosen exam format (face-to-face, recorded digital or live stream) and your certificate type (paper certificate or an e-certificate).

Please note: you will only be able to see the exam formats and certificate types available dependant on your chosen exam type and territory.

Step 2

You can now complete your exam entry details via your RSL Secure Account. You can access this immediately via your purchase confirmation or by clicking “sign-in” at the top of the page. If the exam purchase email is not linked with an RSL account, a new account will be created automatically, and you will be sent further details directly. This is where you will select options such as (but not limited to):

  • `Exam type (Graded Certificate vs. Performance Certificate)
  • Instrument
  • Any additional scheduling notes, eg. date/time preferences, exam centre preferences, reasonable adjustments, and other special points.

For face-to-face exams, after these two steps are completed and the closing date has passed, the exam will be scheduled. For recorded digital exams, without any closing date, the video can be uploaded right away after the exam details have been completed. For live stream exams, we will be in touch regarding the exam date.

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      Digital Files

      For the RSL shop we’ve chosen the most widely used media for ease of use and flexibility when transferring across different devices.

      Every complete digital book (e.g. Electric Guitar Grade 1) includes:

      • PDF sheet music
      • MP3 audio
      • Supporting tests

      Download Limits

      We know downloading digital content can be frustrating at times which is why we’ve given you multiple chances to download your audio and sheet music.

      Each complete digital book purchased includes:

      • 5 audio downloads
      • 3 sheet music downloadsThis means if you misplace your content, or if your download times-out, you’ll still have plenty of attempts to download your content.

      Purchase Options

      1. Hard Copy

      The hard copy or paperback version can be purchased from our shop for shipping to the UK. Orders for shipping to other countries can be placed via The paperback version includes everything you need for your exam in one essential book, including sheet music, a code for access to MP3 audio and complete supporting tests.

      2. Digital Download (where applicable)

      Digital downloads is the most popular way of purchasing and downloading a Rockschool book, track or supporting test. Rockschool digital book downloads come complete with PDF sheet music, MP3 audio and supporting tests for instant accessibility on all your favourite devices.

      Note: Digital sheet music is stamped with your email address and order number.

      3. Digital Download + E-Book Access

      The RSL e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology powered by MatchMySound, are the ultimate practise tool, giving you the ability to master your instrument like never before.

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