Having a great website is a huge selling point for potential students. Not only does your website act as your central business hub online, but it can also make you more visible.

This article has been written for Rockschool on behalf of MGR Music by Leigh Fuge

But, I’ve never built a website before…

Don’t worry! Building a good website doesn’t have to be rocket science anymore. Sites like Wordpress allow you to use their modular builders to craft a great looking site with minimal effort. You can download loads of free themes (And even a bunch of paid ones!) to give your site the perfect look

By using a theme, you don’t have to worry about design. You just choose a layout and drop your content in.

You can further enhance your website with plugins. Most website services will have some option to install plugins from their “app store” style area. Many of these are free but there are also a load of paid ones for anyone who wants to take it to the next level. Plugins can range from contact forms and newsletter opt ins to embedded social media feeds linking all your services together.


When you build a website there are only a few things you need to really get in place to make it work:

A web host – This is a place where your website will be stored on the internet. There are loads out there from GoDaddy to 123-Reg. Each with their own pricing and feature set.

A web building client – Some hosting services offer their own clients but you can also use websites like Wordpress to build your website.

A Domain Name – This is important! You need to create a domain name. This is often the name of your business or something that describes what you do. It’s important to try to get the .com domain for your business name.

Plugins – The plugins you add to your website will allow your potential customers to enjoy your website. You could use contact forms for keeping in touch, a forum for a social area, social media feeds to show what you’re up to and way more.

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SEO – Why is this Important?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. If your website has good SEO then it will get picked up faster by search engines and rank you higher for searches related to your business or service.

The better your SEO, the better your website ranks.

So what can you do to increase your visibility? Here are a few things to ensure you add to your website content:

Key words for Searching – If you are a guitar teacher, make sure you’ve got “guitar lessons”, “guitar teacher”, “learning guitar” and other related search terms in your website to help Google recognise what you go.

Location Information – This is particularly important. If someone searches for “Vocal lessons near me”, Google will need to know that you are near that person before it can point them to you.

Links To Your Website – Google likes to see websites with a lot of links pointed at them. This tells Google that the website is an authoritative area and therefore will rank higher. Register for all your local business directories to have links pointed at your website. If you can partner with other local business to share links, this will also boost your presence online.

Use an SEO Plugin – Most web clients plugin areas will contain an SEO plugin if some form. You can use this to help make suggestions and recommendations to what you can improve. Things like the overall readability of your website are important. Get your headers, URLs and Meta titles in order too. There are loads of great tutorials online about how you can make these improvements to your website.

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About the Author:

This article has been written for Rockschool on behalf of MGR Music by Leigh Fuge, a professional guitarist, tutor and journalist from Wales in the UK. He has been working in the music industry for over 10 years as a touring and studio musician with various artists, guitar tutor and writer for many high profile guitar publications. Read more of Leigh's pieces relating to Rockschool here...