Live Stream Digital Exams

Live Stream Digital Exams

We're delighted to be able to bring the full RSL Awards graded exam experience to your front room, digitally, in real time!

RSL's Live Stream Digital Exams allows an examiner to be beamed from a remote location directly to the candidate via a live stream, giving every candidate the opportunity to demonstrate their musical learning irrespective of their geographical location.

We’re building on our ethos of delivering accessible and outstanding examination experiences by enabling candidates to enjoy the exam experience from their own home or your venue via live stream.

Please visit our help centre or download the Live Stream Digital Exams 'Getting Started' guide and 'Candidate Guidance' document in order to read all the information about these exams. We also have some useful videos linked further down this page!

Visit the Live Stream Digital Exams Help Centre

RSL Live Stream Digital Exams – Candidate Guidance


Why Live Stream Exams?


RSL's Live Stream Digital Exams gives the candidate the ability to control their exam environment. This is our commitment to overcoming any performance anxieties suffered by the candidate, lockdown restrictions caused by the pandemic, and any mobility or travel limitations denying a candidate access to an RSL exam centre. Live Stream Exams really are a great option for those living in areas without an exam venue close by.

Recognisable Formats

Live Stream Digital Exams follow the exact same structure as our much loved face-to-face exams, with an examiner based in a remote location beamed to your device in real time. Live Stream Exams are available across the full suite of Rockschool and RSL Classical instruments and grades, with both the Graded Exam and Performance Certificate exam formats remaining the same.

Environmentally Friendly

As with RSL's Recorded Digital Exams, the Live Stream Digital Exams impact on the environment is almost negligible. Accessible worldwide, we're doing everything we can to leave a sustainable, healthy landscape for future generations of aspiring musicians!

Getting Started

Generally, all you need is a laptop and a separate speaker connected to your device to take your Live Stream graded music exam. Whilst there are minimum requirements per instrument necessary to successfully examine your exam, our aim is to make Live Stream Exams as accessible as possible. Please download the relevant documentation to make sure your set-up meets the exam requirements and watch our overview videos further down this page.

The Live Stream Digital Exam format is not bound by any exam entry periods, so candidates can enter for their Live Stream Exam at a time convenient to them. RSL will then designate a date and time for the exam, giving the candidate at least two weeks notice.

Based outside the UK or Ireland? Please get in touch with your local RSL Awards Representative for more details by clicking here...

Live Stream Digital Exams


Live Stream Digital Exams are conducted by video conference between the candidate and the examiner based at another location. Backing tracks, confidential audio and visual materials are presented to the candidate via streams controlled by the examiner.

We've put together two comprehensive guides to make sure your candidate meets the necessary requirements for these exams. In order to be fully prepared, you will need to ensure your setup is correct and working. You will also need to have downloaded and installed the required software. This needs to be done ahead of the scheduled exam date. Candidates will not be able to take their exam if this has not been done in advance of the exam.

Our examiners need to be able to:

  • See and hear the candidate’s performance clearly
  • Hear all backing tracks clearly and balanced well against the performance
  • Communicate safely with candidates
  • Stream the Unseen Tests (eg. ear tests) securely
  • Share notation related to the Unseen Tests (eg. sight-reading) securely

Please download the Live Stream Digital Exams 'Getting Started' guide and 'Candidate Guidance' document below for the full technical requirements for these exams.

RSL Live Stream Digital Exams – Candidate Guidance

Overview & Requirements

Testing the Setup

Types of Live Stream Digital Exam

Graded Exam

Number of Pieces: 3
Technical Exercises: Examiner Selection of Scales, Arpeggios/Broken Chords, and Technical Studies
Unseen Tests: Sight Reading OR Improvisation, Ear Test, and General Musicianship Questions

Performance Certificate

Number of Pieces: 5
Technical Exercises: None
Unseen Tests: None

Candidates may choose to play up to five pieces for a Performance Certificate, or three pieces for a Graded Exam all from the repertoire lists of another UK Accredited Examination Board. Please see our Free Choice Pieces page for more information.

Exams can be booked online and are available now.


If you require any further information, please get in touch with a member of the team: // 0345 460 4747

Photographic ID

All candidates at Grades 6 to 8 are required to show valid photographic identification when attending or recording their examination.

  • For face-to-face exams, candidates should show their ID to the examiner at the start of the exam.
  • For live stream exams, candidates should show their ID to the examiner via the screen at the start of the exam.
  • For recorded digital exams, candidates should clearly display their ID to the camera for at least 10 seconds in accordance with the video exam guidelines.

Any official documentation which includes photographic ID may be used such as:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Travel Pass
  • ID card

Candidates who do not possess valid photographic ID must instead complete a ‘Photographic ID Form’, including a current photograph of the candidate and witnessed by a parent/guardian, teacher or other nominated person, and present this in place of photo ID.

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