RSL Awards Graded Music Exams

RSL Awards Graded Music Exams

RSL Awards' graded music exams motivate and encourage musicians of all ages and abilities through a system of progressive mastery. From our introductory grades all the way through to Grade 8, these graded qualifications enable candidates to develop and enhance their musical skills, knowledge and understanding in an exciting, engaging and consistent manner.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible however and wherever you take your graded music exam. You are in complete control with RSL Awards, allowing you to tailor your perfect exam day.

Across our Rockschool and RSL Classical suite, you can take a Graded Exam or Performance Certificate in the form of a face-to-face exam, live-stream or recorded digital exam. Our Music Production and Music Theory exams are taken online via remote-invigilation or through a privately-invigilated exam session.

In the UK and Republic of Ireland, face-to-face exams can take place at a Public Exam Centre or through a Private Exam Visit. Live-streamed exams can take place at the student’s home or at a private exam venue. Click here if you are based outside the UK...

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