Grade 1 piano pieces include either classical or contemporary music pieces, depending on the syllabus you choose.

Rockschool Grade 1 piano pieces include music legends like the Beatles, and top selling artists like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, while the RSL Classical Grade 1 piano pieces include composers like Robert Schumann, Ignatius Sancho and Zenobia Powell Perry.

Here’s the full list of Rockschool Grade 1 Piano Pieces:

  • Let it Be – The Beatles
  • Tattooed Heart – Ariana Grande
  • Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John
  • I’m Not the Only One – Sam Smith
  • Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

Piano Grade 1 Cover

And this is the list of RSL Classical Grade 1 Piano Pieces:

  • Anne Crosby Gaudet – Boogie Woogie Bear
  • Gustav Holst – Jupiter
  • August Eberhard Müller – The Cuckoo
  • Zenobia Powell Perry – Orrin and Echo
  • Robert Schumann – Soldier’s March
  • Ignatius Sancho – Le Douze de Decembre
  • Trad. Chinese – Jasmine Flower
  • Kristen Anderson-Lopez / Robert Lopez – All Is Found
  • Carolyn Miller – Cat and Mouse
  • Christian Petzold – Minuet in G

RSL Classical Piano Grade 1 Book

Do you have any question on Grade 1 Piano pieces? Take a look at the most frequently asked questions below:

Are Grade 1 piano pieces hard?

The Grade 1 Piano Pieces are not difficult to master, but they require some basic skills and a greater use of technique, rhythms and musical understanding than at Debut level.

Piano Grade 1 Musical Skills and Features

Duration: 50 secs – 1 min 30 secs,
Key: One sharp or one flat, or no sharps or flats but accidentals may occur within the piece
Tempo: 60-140 bpm
Time Signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 6/8
Rhythmic values: 8th notes and rests, dotted 8th notes and syncopations, occasional 16th notes, occasional non- complex triplet groupings
Dynamics: Simple dynamics [P, F]
Articulation & Phrasing: Simple changes in articulation and phrasing, occasional slurs and simple occasional use of staccato and accented articulation may occur.
Melodic features: Mainly stepwise movement or small intervallic transitions – overall tessitura generally not greater than an octave
Harmonic features: Two-note chords in one hand, occasional three-note chords, four-note chords will generally be spread across both hands
Rhythmic features: Rhythms will be simple; simultaneously differing patterns will be limited

How long does it take to learn a Grade 1 piano piece?

Grade 1 Piano pieces are suitable for candidates who have been playing the piano for a period between 6 months and 1 year, and can easily master the debut level pieces.

What is the difference between Grade 1 and Grade 2 piano?

Grade 1 piano requires a knowledge of Scales, Arpeggios and Chord Voicings. Scales can be performed with separate hands (ascending and descending). Grade 2 piano requires better technical skills, usually acquired after 18 to 24 months of playing the piano. Major scales, minor scales and arpeggios need to be played hands together, in straight feel, ascending and descending

For further information on the Grade 1 piano exam, you can take a look at the Rockschool Grade 1 Piano page, or at the RSL Classical Piano Grade 1 page. Or you can download further information by clicking on the buttons below.

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