Info: Please send your music at least three weeks prior to the examination date for a prompt response.

Please read through the following page if you’re thinking of performing a piece of repertoire not published by Rockschool in its Guitar pack.

This checklist has been devised to help you assess whether or not the repertoire you have chosen to play meets the criteria established for performance pieces in the grade.

If there is any doubt, please contact Rockschool on 0345 460 4747 or

Section A: Essential Elements

If you answer “No” to any of the following questions the piece is unsuitable for use in the grade examination. If you answer “Yes” to all of them then please proceed to the next section.

Section B: Performance Elements

The piece must feature most of the following techniques.

If your piece does not have three out of five of the requirements in Section B it is not suitable for the examination.


The pieces should contain a mixture of:


If you are still in any doubt, please email a copy of your notated part to

Note! Please send your music at least three weeks prior to the examination date for a prompt response.