An end of year message from our CEO, Tim Bennett-Hart.

Tim Bennett-Hart, CEO RSL Awards

As we come to the end of 2022 it seems fitting to reflect on another impactful year for creative arts education. As a global business, we’ve seen many parts of the world return to ‘normal’ following the pandemic, but many countries we work in are still facing very real impacts. I’m optimistic that students across the world will have a better 2023. There is no doubt that two years of lockdowns has greatly impacted people involved performing and creative arts, which makes the successes even more incredible. At RSL we celebrate every person who achieved their goals and received the recognition they deserve.

At RSL it has been a year of continued innovation. Our digital services have gone from strength to strength meaning that we are able to help more customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. We have published books in new areas like Classical Guitar and Harmonica, we have released new qualifications in subjects like Public Speaking and Digital Media, we have forged new partnerships to recognise the achievements of tens of thousands more students each year, and our qualifications in teaching are becoming the new standard for teachers of the creative and performing arts. These achievements are only possible through the hard work of our brilliant team in the UK and across the 50+ countries we work in.

We have also worked in a responsible way and are tackling the challenges that all modern organisations face. This means looking at our environmental impact, ensuring that we make a positive social change, and having diversity truly represented throughout our organisation and products. We are so grateful to our partners who help us achieve our values.

I find it hard to contain my excitement for 2023, it is going to be a great year for everyone at RSL Awards. Lots more innovation and some key projects that are going to really enhance everything that we do.

For now, my thanks to everyone who works for, with and in partnership with RSL.

Tim Bennett-Hart
RSL Awards – Chief Executive Officer