Performance Diploma

Enrolment on the Performance Diploma must be made before either exam period A, B or C closes.
Exam DurationClosing Date for ApplicationsPeriod
1st February to 31st March1st DecemberA
1st May to 31st July1st AprilB
23rd October to 15th December1st OctoberC


Please make your Diploma application by using the relevant Diploma entry form including your prerequisite information. You can either pay by cheque or mark on your entry form that you would like to pay by card.

Performance Diploma

QualificationTotal Fee (UK)Total Fee (EU)
Level 4£265.00€380.00
Level 6£450.00€630.00
Due to their nature it is not possible to offer split re-sits of Learning Outcomes on the Performance Diplomas. Therefore any Performance Diplomas who are marked as Unclassified must take the whole Diploma again should they wish to re-sit.

Teaching Diploma

QualificationTotal Fee (UK)Total Fee (EU)
Level 4 (Standard)£365.00€490.00
Level 6 (Standard)£499.00€730.00

Teaching Diploma re-sit fees

Re-sits for the Teaching Diploma are charged on a sliding scale dependent on how many Learning Outcomes (LOs) the candidate has received Unclassified for.

Unit NumberTotal Learning OutcomesCost (UK)Cost (Euro)
2LO 2.1 & 2.2 (must be taken together)£100€150
2LO 2.3 or 2.4£50€75
If a candidate receives Unclassified in more than one element in Unit 2 then they should total the amount according to the particular LO's they have failed.